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Microstuttering in The Old Republic

edited January 2012 in General
Are any of you guys having this issue? It's fine on my laptop, but it's constant and incredibly distracting on my desktop. For those that don't know what I mean, you can see the issue as a random slight "hiccup" in the motion, and is most apparent if you watch something (like a light post or a flag) passing the camera near the edge of the field of view. There seem to be a large number of threads on the support forum asking about this issue, but I'm curious to know how common it is among computer-literate types such as yourselves.

Note that this isn't a framerate issue; my framerate is a constant 60 at these settings. It's the motion itself that's stuttering.


  • I don't think I see this. Honestly I find it hard to notice in the video.

    I know I used to get something like this in TF2, and it seemed to be caused by my frame rate spiking too high. It stopped when I fixed my frames at a reasonable value. That said, I'm not sure that has anything to do with this problem.
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    I have vsync on, so the framerate is capped at 60. With that said, if I use dxTory, FRAPS or driver flags to lock the framerate at another value, it still occurs. It also happens regardless of my graphics settings. Everything on low at 800x600, movement is still stuttering.

    I admit the problem is subtle, but on a large monitor when you're running long distances, it becomes incredibly distracting. The Fallout games had a similar problem, which ended up being the result of the game use a low precision clock for the game timer. You could download a fix that intercepted the call and replaced it with a higher resolution timer.
    Etter said: I don't think I see this. Honestly I find it hard to notice in the video.
    I'm not surprised, it is very subtle. The problem is that you're probably accustomed to captured video stuttering slightly, so while you see it, you're probably chalking it up as an artifact of the recording and not the gameplay. Basically, the thing to remember is that with the exception of the two long hiccups (loading lag) the framerate was pegged at 60, never deviated and every frame was recording. Yet the motion isn't smooth.

    Two examples of threads regarding this issue. It's frustrating because it's so hard to articulate.
  • I certainly see it. I certainly have no idea about these computer things.

    I see it in a lot of games but it is usually temporary and not a constant thing like it was on that video.
  • I actually wonder if this is less a Video Performance Issue, and more a Network Lag issue (Network Code). This game has some terrible terrible netcode, or performance issues when it comes to net code. I wonder if this is an artifact of dropped packets. Like its compensating, and warping you slightly forward, where "you should" be on the server, causing for this weird stuttering effect.

    I know we see it all the time with other players, you'll seem them stuttering all the time, sometimes warping if its real bad. I wonder if the same thing is happening to you, I'll have to try it myself later and see if its the same issue.
  • That was my thought as well. The hesitations are the server correcting your position to align what it's showing you to where it has put you in its map.
  • I noticed this when I was playing the game full screen, and now that I played windowed I see it less/don't see it at all. I could be desensitized to it though. I doubt very much it's a performance issue given my system stats, nor do I believe it's the internet connection.
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    The problem with playing in windowed modes is that you can force true vsync. You can cap the framerate at 60 and hope for the best, but you may end up with a single tear holding in the same place on the screen. This reduces the apparent framerate badly enough to really not be an improvement over the stuttering.

    I will note that on machines like my laptop that aren't pulling 60fps all the time, windowed mode is a huge improvement even without vsync.

    I'm inclined to believe what you guys are saying about it being netcode related or, potentially, related to the tick timer like in the Fallout 3 bug. Maybe I should try switching network cards for the hell of it. You never know.
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