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Idiot Coworker (kinda gross but SFW)

edited January 2012 in General
So a buddy of mine collects swords, carries one of several knives everywhere he goes, and generally likes stabby things. Last night I was IM'ing him till around midnight helping him set up sshd. Sometime between then and about 3am this happened. He will not be at work today ...


And yes, we will be busting his balls about this for a very long time!


  • So I am guessing that is the inside of his left thigh. Just want to make sure I have the right body part.

    and that had to have hurt.
  • That was my thought as well but someone pointed out that it's probably the outside of his right thigh cuz if it was the inside he would likely have severed his femoral artery. Haven't seen him yet but I guess I'll find out.
  • I thought it would be the inside of his right thigh. Looking at the picture, it seems that the calf is at the top of the pic, and the cut goes from the middle of the knee to the top of the knee. If HE took the picture, then I would imagine it would be the inside of his right thigh, not left.

    It kind of looks similar to the angle/view I had when I took pictures after one of my knee surgeries and the staples in my leg, which was on my right leg.
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