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June 28 LAN BBQ SIGN UP THREAD (The BBQ LAN of 15 Years)

edited June 2014 in General
This is the "super official sign up thread". More details can be found in the Events section of the site (soon ;).

I would like to have 5 shared PCs setup again for LOL/ARAM.
This worked well last time and fits a BBQ day. We'll have a large LAN again soon, probably later this year.
I have 2 PCs ready, and 3 extra monitors. If you want/can, please volunteer here for the other 3 PCs.

If you also want to bring a PC for other miscellaneous gaming, then let us/me know here and I'll try to setup a couple of extra spots.

So, are you in? Out? Maybe? Last, please spread the word! It's been 15 years of USDN! It would be great to see lots of people attend, especially some of the members we haven't seen in a while.

IN (21)
Clark - with shared PC (x2)
Razlus - with shared PC
Wader - with PC
MrChupon - with shared PC
Awkward - with PC & Wii U





  • Maybe. Hopefully. The wife is a maybe as well, but passport might be MIA for name change.

    If so I would bring my PC because it is small and manly.

    Also we should all play TagPro not LoL
  • Sorry, Can't make it.
  • Yep. Or at least I'm flying into Toronto. I vaguely recall it being a nice city, I guess I could just hang out there instead.
  • edited June 2014
    Upgraded to out. I'll be hangin out in Stockholm that weekend. Yeah, sorry, that's an upgrade.
  • Awk, as long as you have a long form birth certificate I think you're OK. Although I'd make a quick call to immigration/border services to see what the expectation is around name changes/ect.

    I'm in, I can bring my PC if needed, and may anyways for Hex drafting so Tim can laugh at me.
  • That's a NACK. Passports are now required.
  • MIA fo rname change indicates they HAVE passports, but not an updated one, in which case marriage certificate + passport should make you issue free.
  • youve got to mail in the old passport to get a new one
  • ewm that's terrible.
  • Awk, can't you just pay a bit extra and get it expedited?
  • we checked and expedited was still 2-3 weeks which would late on the upper end, and the form being accepted is not 100% certain either before new SS card comes in
  • Likely in.
  • Awk, Did you see the "Expedited Service at a Passport Agency" section?
  • Neat, good info. Not close enough to us though. DC/Philly are 3-4 hours, and NYC is 5.5. Don't have any trips planned going to any of those coming up, though.

    Either way, it's already in the mail so we will see what happens. I'll probably be there. Might bring WiiU
  • since i'm about a 5 minute walk away and don't think we have anything that weekend, i may be there for the evening!
  • You're just 5 min away?
  • i'm right at homer and block line... maybe a bit more than a 5 minute walk, but definitely a 5 minute drive!
  • Cool! Right near Ianman and Xocet too, actually.

    Paula and I use to live in one of the apartments there (in the same set of buildings that Prodigy use to live in). I really liked living there actually.
  • *Bump*

    Also, updated the list with who I believe is coming. I'm going to plan food for about 20-25 people (I assume some spouses and others may come).

    I haven't decided on what food yet.

    I'll follow up with some details on setup closer to Saturday.
  • edited June 2014
    Would it be okay if Tork came with me? Also, I can bring some Wii U stuff, if we need extra Wiimotes/controllers. I have Mario Kart 8 and Wii Party U.

    ALSO: Would people be interested in doing a Marvel Dice silly draft thing? It'd be $10 for 12 boosters, I think. Would need 4-6 people. I think it's me and Anneveld right now, unless he doesn't want to.

    Edit: There's going to be just Marvel dice/X Wing stuff to play, if people are interested. Also I'm going to bring Zombicide again.
  • Yeah of course. Anyone who plays with us online or who uses the forums is invited. That of course includes Tork.

    Sure, I'd go in on this draft - though I have no idea how to play the game yet.
  • edited June 2014
    I figure it's mostly going to be a sort of...Get a bit of Marvel dice while learning how to play, give or take. If people are interested I'd probably do a tutorial first, so at the very least they have an idea of what cards to look for.

    Thanks Clark. I am getting super excited for the weekend

    edit: maybe even hype, who knows
  • I'll bring MK8, Rayman Legends, Nintendo Land, NEW Remix 2.

    I'll bring the gamepad, and a wm+wheel and some old wiimotes.

    If you've got WM+s or Pro controller, please bring them.

    Also Link if you see a starter please buy it for me
  • IDK if anyone has controllers/adapters but we could also possibly play Divekick/Towerfall etc. on a PC
  • edited June 2014
    Okay. I'm gonna bring Wii Party U and a bunch of sweet Wiimotes. Don't have a pro controller though. Not pro enough.

    I'll do my best, but that shit is still rare.

    I've got extra dice of decent/extremely high tier characters, so I can probably part those out. This game has some really good commons.
  • I'm potentially willing to try Link's Latest Obsession.
  • Bringing some x-wing miniatures stuff. Might bring Game of Thrones board game if I can find a copy (or does anyone else own a copy that they could bring?). Laura is coming Friday and probably Saturday night. She's definitely not as excited as Link.
  • I'm not going to be bringing much besides my bad body, but I'll probably bring along The Resistance, which I still haven't even played.
  • Man I was invited to this game group ONCE. They got very upset at Breelyn and I being the resistance/mafia or whatever and lying incessantly in their faces. One felt very betrayed and it was awkward and we weren't invited back. The other one didn't feel betrayed but was upset that Breelyn didn't play logically/played randomly.
  • I'm potentially willing to try Link's Latest Obsession.
    That sounds pretty sexy, frankly. Sounds good. Speaking of obsession, I'll bring my Pokemon cards and play by myself in the corner.

    Awkward I don't understand your story. You played a game about lying and they got mad? Did you win? Were they just dumb? You don't need them baby.

    I'm really excited to play X Wing in person too. You got no chance Anneveld. I roll too hot. (I guess what I'm saying is, don't waste your points in stealth device)
  • I can kind of understand how people feel a bit sore in the moment, or upset if you gloat over your win, etc... but taking it that personally is pretty stupid. Actually I bet you were just a big douche about it Awkward.

    To be further explained in The Mango.


  • ALSO: Would people be interested in doing a Marvel Dice silly draft thing? It'd be $10 for 12 boosters, I think. Would need 4-6 people. I think it's me and Anneveld right now, unless he doesn't want to.
    Yes. I love any limited format.
  • I'll play Link if I don't need a starter.

    I was super douchey during the game. Very loud and controlling the direction the whole time. The 'smart' guy saw through it but couldn't derail the douche train, as I had already pitted his fellows against him.
  • Why isn't there a dick-pic discussion thread pinned to the top of these forums? you guys have changed man.
  • Dangit, I'll be away for the weekend :( Would have loved to get in on the Marvel Dice Masters draft! Could have had a board game thrown down too :(
  • Tork said he's probably coming Saturday and might bring his girlfriend.
  • edited June 2014
    His "Canadian girlfriend"?
  • Like... is she's made of denim?
  • I need the address to go to, someone msg me on here or email it to me
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