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Cheap US VPN solutions?

What are people using for cheap/free VPN solutions to get a US based IP? Looking into it and so far the most reasonable priced one I've found is or

You can get 1.5Gb per month for free, so there is atleast a decent trial with them.

What are people using/have had good or bad experiences with?


  • I use and have been reasonably happy with it.
  • edited January 2015
    what are you trying to accomplish?

    us netflix? assuming so you can do just dns hacks to make it work for much cheaper than most vpn's (

  • I've got specific apps running inside VMs that I need to have a US ip address. I could probably get it to work with a cheap, reliable proxy, but those seem to be hard to find as well. I just want to set it and forget it and not have to update my proxy software everytime one gets taken down.
  • I've got specific apps running inside VMs that I need to have a US ip address.

  • I've used a T1-micro for similar things. As soon as he turned into liquid metal and chased me through a steel foundry I gave it up though.
  • I have been using PureVPN (Best VPN for USA) successfully from California for 6 months now as I did my full research before trying this VPN. I also tried few other VPN with no satisfactory result.
  • Thanks Jennifer.
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