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Heists? GTAV on PS4!

edited April 2015 in General
Who has GTAV on PS4? would love to do some heists with people I know.

Edited for views and no responses, may be not getting my target audience.


  • I would love to, have a PS4 I can borrow?
  • Naw, just the one I play on.
  • I think I might get this on PC, since it's gone full FPS, and what have you, but I might also just Pirate it, cause fuck buying the same game at full frieght twice. Can I maybe trade in my PS3 version of it?
  • I honestly have no idea. I also doubt my current pc can run this, but let me know if you find a working version, will see what I can manage.
  • I'm rockin' it on PS4 but alas haven't put much time into it since I'm playing WoW like a fiend.
  • I think we have each other on the PS4, if not add therazlus, also feel free to steam message me if you want to jump on it. razlus at yahoo dot ca
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