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Save the date - Aug 8

Saturday Aug 8.
BBQ? LAN? Who knows. But Anneveld and others will be in attendance.

Details to come.


  • I'll be living in NYC by then so hopefully I'll be able to make it up for this!
  • edited May 2015
    You want me to plan this far ahead? -_-

    (Probably in)
  • Out

    I am only in Kdub June 20th - July 4th this summer.
  • No current plans for that day. Tentative in.
  • Crap out of town for a wedding that weekend :(
  • Probably in.
  • Just to make it official: In.
  • If they'll let me in the country, I could go for some BBQ
  • I can probably make it, but would be flying in
  • No current plans for that day. Tentative in.
  • Well, there's a slight chance my daughter's softball team will be playing for the World Championship that weekend...

    Seriously... we shall see. Hopefully you can watch her (and me, as I am the manager of the team) on ESPN.
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