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Of servers and such

So... in the midst of many other changes in my life, I'm looking at decomissioning my colo box in favour of AWS. Now, it doesn't cost me much for the colo I currently have, but it's really not that heavily used and I can probably save some money.

That being said, I haven't made any decisions.

Mumble is what the box is primarily used for here. Does anyone have an opinion?


  • I'm sure we can setup somewhere else as necessary. It's nice and we still use it, but I think Clark might even have a backup or something like that?
  • I mean I'd move it to an AWS instance. Mumble is small enough it'd probably fit on a t2.micro (which is basically free).
  • I do have some already paid for cloudatcost resources available that we could use. I no longer have that setup at the moment for mumble, but it would be easy to do so, or easy to ask someone here to do it... I wouldn't worry too much about it overall.
  • Epi, I think its safe to say that many of us would be happy to share in the cost of the system. A lot of us are getting use out of that Mumble server and kicking in a bit for it is the least we can do.
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