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Battletech coming back tp PC

Most have probably seen this but, just in case. Hairbrained schemes are kickstarting BT as a turn based PC game. What I am most amused by is the 4th goal being PVP since obviously that is what the vast majority of backers will want to play.


  • You might be surprised how popular single player is if you are measuring by "number of players".

    Multiplayer massively dominates Time as a metric, because those players are often super invested over months or years and play a TON. But as a portion of players they are usually not more than half or even less than half out of overall people who buy the game (assuming the game has a pretty reasonable single player campaign/story/etc.). This is even true for most RTS or FPS games which are often notoriously multiplayer focused, and similar stuff.

    (Obviously TF2 isn't bought for the single player, but if there were a long and interesting single player campaign in TF2 it would probably sell a lot more copies, were it not F2P. Might not make a lot more money, though. Single players probably don't care about hats and the cost to develop is high.)

    That out of the way, giant fighting robots are cool. I've enjoyed turn based Battletech back to 1st edition (sadly I didn't own it, a friend did, so I can't even have the regret of having thrown it away years ago).
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