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Trek returning to TV

Announced today by CBS. They are developing a new Trek tv series to debut in January 2017


  • I do hope it is a Prime Universe show! :)
  • I do hope it is a Prime Universe show! :)
    I could not agree more Clark.
  • edited November 2015
    Cool. Hopefully it isn't fairly generic sci-fi action like the recent films. Series of sci-fi/action don't tend to run long due to high production costs and poor viewer retention. TNG was good about addressing sociopolitical issues using ridiculous alien societies.

    Also, feel free to speculate on who you want to be Captain, no matter how ridiculous.
  • Being done by the script writer of the recent movies. My hope is muted. I'd agree with above sentiments but, am guessing they are going to go with this new timeline.
  • My want list of captains:
    Keanu Reeves
    Jason Alexander
    Martin Sheen
  • Uhhhhh ya!!! Star Trek Hard on Engaged!
  • Nathan Fillion as Captain
    Laurence Fishburne

    Chris Pratt as the Chief Engineer or the Doctor
    Wouldn't Mind seeing a Female Chief Engineer actually

    Question I have is - Who or what are they going to cast for an Ops position? Spock was the Logical Vulcan, Data the machine capable of 1 trillion calculations per second, Seven of Nine, the borg, Dax as the Trill with multiple lifetimes of experience. Thoughts?

  • What do you hope the setting is (starfleet ship, station, planet, some other type of ship, something completely different)?

    What time period?

    I suppose I hope it is about 10-20 years after TNG and just a standard Starfleet ship. That risks being boring, but what's old might be new again.
  • Said new aliens. I'd hope for trying a new subject for the show so minimum planet or moon.
  • Nathan Fillion as Captain
    I could NOT disagree with this more Gif. He's already been a captain on a failed sci-fi show, and having met him in person a couple years ago, I can tell you he is a complete asshole. He is a prick to his fans and is very condescending. The respect I had for him in Slither and Dr. Horrible was just thrown right out the window.
    Laurence Fishburne
    Yes, but I could see him more in a reoccurring Admiral role more.
    Keanu Reeves
    Jason Alexander
    NO and No......just both No
    Martin Sheen
    Again, probably better for a reoccurring Admiral type role.
  • Someone's list of Captains may not be entirely serious.

  • Ellen Degeneres for Captain.
  • Considering how much I disliked the new movies, the fact that this is produced by the same guy makes me pretty damn weary.
  • edited November 2015
    I think the first of the new movies gets slammed too harshly by Trek fans. It got a lot of core things right that are key to the TOS era show & movies such as the relationships between Spock, McCoy and Kirk. It had some interesting enough time travel plot points, a decent villain, good action... It's not like every Star Trek outing can (or should!) be a masterful commentary on society.

    It's the second movie that failed horribly.
  • edited November 2015
    My personal hopes:
    - Forward timejump from TNG/DS9/Voyager era, possibly a few hundred years
    - Bigger universe, more exploring, less war

    - Cold wars, tension, etc between a few groups that ISN'T grounded in some obviously evil aspect of one side or another. Morally unambiguous bad guys are boring all the time. I don't mind the occasional one..

    Romulans - cool, smart, interesting society but obviously references to military oligarchy/fascism or the USSR
    Borg - effectively devoid of moral position themselves, and threatening for that very reason. I suppose this qualifies as unambiguously evil, but it's the complete lack of morals itself that makes this interesting.

    The Dominion - We're gods. Bow down.
    Borg 2.0 - Borg ... Queen? Wants to get it on with Data? Wat?

    - Solid, talented cast. Strong female characters. No T&A characters (aka T'Pol, new Uhura).
    - Plot arc (or subplot) involving *way* older races. Why is it everyone in space appears roughly even in tech? Guinan could have been such a cool thing to explore further with her involvement with Q. ST7 movie plot can go f itself.

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