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Guild Wars 2 - Heart of Thorns

So, a week and a half in, what do you think?

6 of 7 characters on my main account have completed the elite specializations. I hate my elementalist and he's the last one. My guild's been real good about running hero point trains through the maps. Really like the Revenant/Herald, enjoying Reaper, going to trial my Scrapper, not impressed or haven't worked with the others yet.

Finished the Story. Finally completed the Auric Basin big event. The Dragonstand big event is like herding cats. Fractals are losing favor. Dungeon runs are dead. Just can't memorize how to get around the maps to run hero points.

Haven't had any disconnection problems but I'm hearing about many that are.


  • I'll probably get around to playing it more some time ;)

    I'm way behind on my GW2 experience.
  • 64 bit client beta has been released. Went back to 32 bit due to some problems my laptop had with it, but it has solved some people's problems with the game since HOT was released.
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