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Fallout 4 Trailer

Obviously it contains some story teasers.

Looks great, I may uncancel my preorder.

MBTA seems to have about the same quality of service after the apocalypse. I can say that as a former, brief, Bostonian (Bostonite? Bostese?)


  • wow trailers usually do not sell me at all but, that one did
  • I try my best not to preorder games, but I'll almost definitely buy this game at some point.
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    It could lead to karma hits you aren't expecting is a bigger issue to me.

    That said I pre-ordered through amazon prime(had done already and actually canceled and lost my release day delivery) and opted for free 2 day delivery, so I get it probably Thursday but it was only 50 usd.
  • Reviews are coming out now. Sounds like nothing new really gameplay feel wise. Streamlined level up, better crafting
  • Sounds like you want to give it a good 6 months to a year for alot of patching.
  • For more content or bug fixes?
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    I haven't heard much good or bad about the story and content, which I suppose means its serviceable.

    The PC version seems very feast or famine in terms of stability. People have no issues, or they have All The Issues.
  • More for bugs Clark.

    Doesn't sound like its very optimized. Apparently a lot depends on your proc. You pretty much need an I7 4790K or higher to get a nice stable frame rate no matter how good your video card is.

    Unless you are in a super rush go play the witcher 3 and give fallout 4 some patch work. Looks like a dialogue mod is already in the works which will be nice to have.
  • Sounds like I've just been super lucky with my rig.
  • Somewhat to my surprise, I really haven't had much in the way of technical issues with Fallout 4. Standard Bethesda physics stuff, get stuck in places sometimes, drop a couple items at the same time and they glue together until the fly into the stratosphere or my face, etc.
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    I installed this a couple days ago, it's greeatttt. 10/10
    The mod changes dialogue options to numbers 1-4 and writes them out fully instead of paraphrasing.
  • I've been playing on the ps4, enjoying it greatly, and have had tops 4-5 crashes and a couple graphical issues.
  • Yeah I've had a few graphical issues, but no straight crash outs. I've had one instance where my gun just didn't render and my hands looked bound together, and another where my entire arm disappeared until I shifted to 3rd person and back to 1st.

    Otherwise it's been pretty smooth and I've really been enjoying it.
  • yeah the gun one can be fixed by swapping or re-equipping too iirc
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