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One hero, two players.

Sounds pretty awesome and opportunity to crank MOBA up to 11 -- especially the yelling at each other part.


  • I don't understand the achievements for that event:
    1. Win 2 games as ChoGall with someone who owns him to unlock yourself
    2. Win 4 games as ChoGall with someone who doesn't own him to unlock for them

    When would the second one ever happen when the first hadn't happened yet?

  • edited November 2015
    To Get: The first can only be done if you DON'T own CG.
    To Give: The second can only be done AFTER you own CG.

    You can't possibly work towards both at the same time.

    The second one, as noted in the article, also comes with a Gold reward, which incentivizes sharing CG with other people.

  • Dibs on Dave and Dan playing this guy. I don't even want to play, but someone call me when this happens, I want to be in Mumble.
  • Yeah I kinda want to try this too....
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