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  • edited November 2015
    Snuffy, if you haven't already checked it out, I suggest you take a peek at :

    I've watched quite a few of the live streams, and while the majority of it from the coding perspective is over my head, he also does a great job of breaking down why he is doing the things he is doing and what purpose it serves. The video archive on youtube is also a great resource to see how he handles various things throughout the development, and I know there is some specific stuff around handling user input. I believe there was an entire episode series on setting it up non-platform specific.

    You might be able to get some useful stuff (especially around graphics and performance) from the series. You can find the full episode guide here, which should get updated somewhat frequently. *edit* the youtube channel is updated very close to the stream time. The dev has actually just been off the last 2 weeks according to the twitter account for HH.

    Good luck!
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