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Pandemic Legacy

Hey guys,

Just wanted to see if there was any interest in getting a Pandemic Legacy group together. Clark mentioned it last night and said he would be interested in getting a regular group together...and I've got an unused Pandemic Legacy just looking for a group.

Would 2 more people be committed to crunching out 12 games of Pandemic Legacy over a "whenever we can get together" time frame? I'm in no urgent rush to finish it, but wouldn't mind having a stable group of people to run through the whole thing.



  • This game looks freaking sweet.
  • live to far away and my first kid just decided he was ready to come into the world.
  • I love how subtle that bomb was! Congrats dude! baby very early? Hope everyone is healthy and doing well.
  • 3-4 weeks early weened him off cpap yesterday and weening him off glucose today. should come home tomorrow otherwise quite literally a textbook labor and delivery all the nurses and mid wives are quite amazed by the human producing machine i married.
  • Next Mothers Day, I want to see a card given to your wife. "To the Best Human Producing Machine I know! - Happy Mothers Day"

    Sorry Chug for derailing your thread, the game looks sweet, but I too am no where near by anymore. But I immediately told another buddy about this, sounds like a great week at the cottage thing.
  • Kikhan that's awesome about the wee one. Sounds like your wife is one tough lady, and the doctors made everything else afterwards move smoothly.

    Modern medicine is a wonderful thing :) Congrats again on the little one!

    No worries on the topic change, a new mini-USDNer is far more important than a board game...but Legacy does look sick. Mine is just sitting on my shelf teasing me.

  • Awesome Kikhan. Congrats and good luck!

    Chuggs, wish I could, may pick it up myself
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