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Racing Sims

Anyone here into Racing Sims (For the PC)?

I've been getting more and more into racing games, and the more realistic the better. I was just wondering if anyone here has been into them, as I'm looking to taking the plunge off the deep end soon and setting up a much more realistic (and maybe expensive) endeavor.

I've been looking at Racing Seats to start - this one seems to have what I need.,160_&refRID=1GDQQT3Y5YMFGYT55HDQ

Mounts for wheel, pedals, and stick shift.

After that I'll probably look to start upgrading things like Pedals, and stick shift, as the G27 Wheel, though good starting base, comes with a shitty shifter, and soft pedals.

I'm really hoping that the Rift has a high enough resolution to make racing fun, as even the DK2 suffered in this respect, making it really hard to judge things at distance, and when racing you need to be able to see down the track for your braking points etc, but having a VR headset did make controlling the car much easier as you knew when the car was about to slide or what have you.

Anyways, just curious if any of you out there have experience in this sort of thing.


  • I only went as far as getting the Driving Force GT and clamping it to the coffee table. Worked well for short sessions but you certainly need a proper seat (or masseuse wife?) if you're serious and hoping to do longer races. My buddy went all out a few years ago and got the G25 and Playseat Evolution which I got to use a fair bit. I can't say I was faster in his setup, just more comfortable. Also never tried the stick shift because we were playing F1 and using the paddles. Ultimately he regrets his purchase because he doesn't play enough and the thing takes up a lot of room. If you're at all handy look up some YouTube videos of people building their own racing seats.

    I can't comment on iRacing or other PC games. Myself I had a ton of fun with F1 2013 (PS3) which I found quite realistic. Apparently F1 2015 is a big fail, at least on PS4. Of course there's also Gran Turismo which always delivers, can't wait for that to arrive on PS4. However I've read that none of the Driving Force GT, G25 or G27 currently work on PS4...
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