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Star Trek Beyond

Well....the trailer got leaked this morning. So Paramount decided to drop the official trailer.


  • I think they lost me at the motor bike.... but I still hope for the best.
  • GifGif
    edited December 2015
    Did the corvette scene ruin the first one for you? Looks like a fun movie, I think we hold these movies to some super high standards these days. Discuss them to the death, and take the fun out of them a little.

    Simple question I'm looking to answer: Is it a fun action movie?
  • Simple question I'm looking to answer: Is it a fun action movie?
    Agreed wholeheartedly Gif, and by the trailer it looks like fun action. So i am hopeful.
  • Let me prefix this post: it looks like a fun action movie and I'll go see it, and probably enjoy it.

    But it's not Star Trek, or what Star Trek stood for. The biggest reason I take issue with a lot of the newer stuff is that for me, Star Trek held hopes and ideals for a future - growth and positive change for humanity, and a sense of adventure and wonder in the unknown and science. I don't expect that from the new versions of Star Trek, but I can still lament what it's lost. And hope something new comes to replace it in the future.
  • edited December 2015
    ^ cept probably wont see it for a year or two
  • The corvette scene was fine. He wasn't riding it through the middle of the Narada though. The scene in the trailer looked almost that unbelievable. Obviously I don't know the context for the bike, but it was hard to not cringe at that point. I'm still hopeful though, like I said.
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