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Sunday Nerd Get Together

At my place. :) Start time around 2.00. Diner @ 6.
Concentrating on steam local multiplayer, board games. I also have a Wii U if people want to bring a controller or two for that (I have two Wii U pros I think).


I'm going to put in an order at Swiss Chalet. I'm asking for $10 to cover that, snacks, and pop. BYOB - though I have a good selection of some stuff I grabbed + what you guys have left here.

Family chicken meals from SC makes things a bit easier and cheaper. I'll try and coordinate white/dark meat as best I can. Please email me back or post on the forums to confirm if you want in on the order or not. Please include

- How many white and/or dark quarters you want (don't forget about your spouses etc).
- Side(s)

If you really very much want something special from Swiss Chalet, let me know and we'll work that out.

Let me know asap basically. Definitely the day of is too late. :)


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