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These PS4 Games...

Anyone play Destiny (yeah, I know), Borderlands (got the handsome collection), Battlefront or, GTAV on this console, if so, hit me up, would love more people to play with.


  • I have The last of us. I just got the console a few days ago.
  • I have them, I just rarely ever turn on my PS4. If you've got like BBM or Hangouts or something, let me know and we should sync up. I typically won't turn it on unless someone pings me to play something :)
  • Lol, I mostly use steam/skype and let people hit me there.

    Do you need a Blackberry for bbm?

    Haven't set up hangouts yet.
  • Nope BBM is available for iOS and Android. You can hit me up on Steam as well, and Skype I should be available as well...

    It's a terrible app on anything but Blackberry mind you.. Although I guess with the priv being a thing, they've probably fixed the Android version.
  • I have a tablet, can toss it on there. Don't think I have you on skype razlus at the hot mail
  • OK BBM set up, razlus at the yahoo dot ca for folks that wish to add me
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