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Oculus Rift

Preorders coming up this morning for the CV1. Anyone getting in line? Apparently no charge until they ship.

I'll be on a plane so I will probably miss it.


  • I was debating it, having spent a few hours with the DK1 and probably 30-40 hours play time with the DK2, I'm going to wait to see what the reviews are like. Not sure how the HTC Vive will pan out either, really what I'm looking for most is which will be better in Racing sims, but also which one has less strain in general. Found both the DK1 and DK2 were exhausting to play with, my brain could only take some much.

    Having said all that, I'll probably end up buying one if reviews are favourable.
  • Also, $600!??
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    600 US Right? Though I guess for you guys it makes no difference right now. :)

    There's no way I'll be an early adopter. I could get a very high end monitor for that much, which seems less risky.

    I'm very curious what Xocet plans to do.
  • The price point definitely took it off the table of something I'd consider picking up. I haven't seen any games that are "must have!" from the 3D revolution. Even one of the two games that they've got included in the bundle, Lucky's Tale, really just looks like a 3D platformer with the VR tacked on.

    Consider me benched until they make something compelling, and bring about a more affordable price point.
  • My big issue right now is actually HTC Vive (aka valve) vs. Oculus. I'm looks like I'll have 4-6 months to figure it out in any case, since the current ship date on Oculus pre-orders is May.
  • In Gaben we trust. I'm super glad there is competition for the Oculus Rift. I'll be waiting to see how these initial units turn out.
  • EVE looked really compelling. Imagine a nice joystick and VR spaceship combat from the cockpit. Wing-commander on crack.

    Racing sounds really compelling too.

    I agree there were a bunch of 3rd person view VR games demo'd. Apparently it's a safe bet for avoiding motion sickness. 1st person isn't as easy without some big static things in the frame for reference (like cockpit pillars). Sounds like they are figuring it out
  • Elite Dangerous in the DK2 is pretty freakin' amazing. Not 600$ + a new video card amazing.. But I'll be keeping an eye on it going forward.
  • Having slept on it a little, I think I'm willing to spend $600 for a good VR headset, however, I'm not willing to spend $600 on a blind purchase with out seeing it, or seeing reviews etc.

    Basically: Yes I want it - racing sims is really what I want it for, and I'm willing to spend another $300+ on a chair, $200-300 on pedals and steering wheel, and a proper VR headset? Well yes I know that's expensive. But I'm looking for realism, turns out crashing a virtual car, is still much cheaper than tracking your own car and losing control. ;)
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    Disclaimer: The below is just my rambling opinions after my time owning the Rift. I am not suggesting that they are representative of the Rift-owning community at large. I'm only seeking to answer this question:
    I'm very curious what Xocet plans to do.
    Short answer: I'm not ordering one.

    Long answer: Alright, here goes. So I currently use a system that ought to be 'Rift Ready':
    Intel Core i7-5820K at 4.4 GHz
    48 GB DDR4-2666
    Crossfire AMD Radeon R9 Fury Xs
    240 GB SATA3 SSD + 32 GB dedicated RAM disk
    My displays are:
    Oculus Rift DK2
    20-30-20 PLP Triple-Monitor Eyefinity (5336x1600 with bezel correction)
    The minimum requirements for the rift are:
    Intel i5-4590
    NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD R9 290
    8 GB RAM
    3x USB 3.0 ports plus 1x USB 2.0 port
    I've had the DK2 for about a year and a half. So that's the context. Since we're on the subject though, I want to tackle recommended/minimum specs:

    For comparison the DK2 runs at 1920x1080 @ 75 Hz, while the CV1 runs at 2160x1200 @ 90 Hz. I think I've done the math briefly before, but to a first approximation the CV1 will require (2160 x 1200 x 90) / (1920 x 1080 x 75) = 1.5 times the horsepower of the DK2 to achieve a minimum framerate that is above the refresh rate of the headset.

    I have to stress that this is the requirement that so many people discussing the Rift recommended specs seem to be missing. You don't need an average framerate above 90 fps, you need a minimum framerate above 90 fps. This is a very different animal. If a big explosion happens in a tense moment in a game and you fall below 90 fps and drop out of low persistence mode, the head tracking lag will abruptly go through the roof, and you'll see black 'smearing' across the display. It's nauseating. You don't ever want to fall below the refresh rate. It'll ruin the game.

    Now, when I ran dual GTX 970s in Elite Dangerous, I found that they were sufficient, but a single card was not unless you cranked the details down to medium-low. Remember, this was on the DK2, requiring far less horsepower than the CV1 will. It's possible to get the VR experience with a GTX 970 (and it's still fun, I should say) but you're barely scraping by. I'm really not sure what the higher res on the CV1 will do to a GTX 970. I'm pretty skeptical that you could do it even with everything turned all the way down in Elite.

    Also, people should note that relatively modern minimum CPU requirement. The oculus eats CPU. With this said, I still had my Core i7-920 @ 4 GHz when I first bought the DK2 and I did... okay, playing Elite Dangerous. So it might be overkill. But if you're going to drop $900+ CAD on this thing, be ready to replace your motherboard and chip if you're running a Sandy Bridge-era (or earlier) CPU.

    Basically, what I'm saying is that yes, this thing is $600 USD, which is a shit-ton of money. But it only costs that little for people like Gif and I that have overkill rigs anyway that we built for 4K gaming. If you're rocking a Core i7-2600K and a GTX 760, be prepared to upgrade your entire machine.

    TL;DR for minimum specs: You want to beat those minimum requirements if you want to get a truly good, seamless experience. Basically, GTX 980 or Radeon 390X + 4000-series or later Intel CPU, or better.

    As for the experience, I'll start with Elite. It's where I've put the most time. When you first put the headset on and sit in the cockpit in Elite, it really is "that good". There is so much cool shit that Elite takes advantage of. For example, in your cockpit you have menus all around you that provide you with various ship functions. The menus are these 'panels' that sort of pop up and float in 3D space. Normally you hit a hotkey and your pilot looks over at the panel as it pops up.

    With the Rift on though you just look in the direction of the panel, and it pops up. Look left, and you have navigation and objective controls. Look right, and you have ship functions and damage control. Lining up to put down on a landing pad, but can't get the angle to see what you need? Lean forward and look over the side of the ship. It's fucking amazing. It's totally seamless. You don't think about any of this. You just do it. Like you're sitting in your car.

    Coming out of a lightspeed jump and seeing a massive star materialize in front of you? Feeling your pupils contract, because now it's bright, but while you were in space that OLED display had real blacks and it felt truly dark. It's immersive as fuck.

    Playing a racing game? I never realized how much I don't ever look out the front of my damn car on a track. My head is always pointed out the sides, toward the next apex. You don't have to memorize the turns for every track anymore because you can fucking see them, well ahead of time. Again, you don't think about it. You just do it.

    Anything where you're sitting in a fixed position, from rollercoasters to cockpits to racecars, seems to just work.

    My experience with first person shooters has been far more mixed, but I don't think anyone really has the 'armchair' VR experience down for FPS games. Notice how all the compelling FPS demos for VR you see on the net are of people in a omnidirectional treadmill with a plastic gun in their hands? It's fucking weird to 'walk around' while sitting on your couch.

    For bad things, I think Gif hit the nail on the head already:
    Found both the DK1 and DK2 were exhausting to play with, my brain could only take some much.
    Pretty much this. I just seem to run out of steam playing games with the Rift on. Even the good ones, like Elite. It's not so much that I think to myself 'okay, this headset is getting heavy and I want to take it off'. I don't really notice the headset when it's on. It's just that I... sort of reach the point where I'm 'done' gaming for now much, much earlier. I'll load up Elite and have my mind blown (Every time! It never gets old. Seriously), but only for twenty minutes. Then I seem to want to go do something else.

    When they released the 0.7 version of the SDK they broke Elite compatibility with the Rift (it still isn't really working), so I was forced back onto the multiple monitor configuration. I had thought before that Elite just wasn't interesting enough to play at length. But the first day I switched back to the triple monitors, I played for like four hours, which I hadn't done since before I got the Rift. The sharpness and immersiveness of the triple monitor rig is pretty damn good. I can see a lot. Yeah, I don't have head tracking, but it's really god damn pretty, and I'm no longer sensitive to framerate. Remember, you can buy a triple-monitor setup like mine for the same price as a Rift.

    I dunno. The initial 'Wow!' experience on the Rift is so incredibly good, but I think that living with the device and actually making it part of your gaming routine is a very different thing than having your skirt blown up by the initial experience. This is why I'm so worried about statements like this:
    Having said all that, I'll probably end up buying one if reviews are favourable.
    I can't argue with this being a good idea. It clearly is a good idea. But I want to see a 'six months on' review of the CV1, from a gamer, instead of an article written by a guy who tried a bunch of games for twenty minutes each.

    I want to see how Ianman feels about Playstation VR after owning it for six months. I really don't know what to expect.

    I'm very worried that this is going to end up being another Wii. Everyone is excited. Everyone is interested. The initial experience will be super positive. But six months later, will it be sitting on the shelf collecting dust?

    Because to be honest, that's what my DK2 is doing.
  • *ahem*

    Core i7-2600K

    thank you very much. :P
  • I think you guys have really nailed it on the head right now though...

    All the talk has either been of racing games, or flight sim games. I think for these genres, the Rift is going to be an amazing must have piece of hardware, that like Xocet says, requires a pretty beefy home computer in order to run smooth.

    That being said, I hope that in the time it takes other developers to give you a justifiable reason to get this if you're a MOBA fan, or FPS fan, or fans of other genres (first person NHL game?) it'll give the world time to catch up both in terms of raw processing power (making a system that'll be affordable and able to run the Rift) and the technology more affordable.

    TL;DR It's an early adopters wet dream, and like the launch of a game console. New exclusives and cheaper hardware/system upgrades will thrust VR into the mainstream. It's not a matter of if, but a matter of when.
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    Thanks for the write up Xocet. That basically confirms what I thought - too much investment (both the Rift and machine required) with a lot of risk tied to it (maybe it will just be a novelty).

    Maybe towards the end of the year I'd consider one.
  • Take this with a grain of salt. Some feedback a friend got a codemash the other week from a real game Developer, was that he had been developing with the HTC Vive, and had mentioned they were a lot better then the Rift (Retail). But not sure beyond that, what he had exactly meant, point was made with me though, that waiting it out might be worth it.
  • I have been looking forward to VR for a while and am currently planning my next PC around it. But after my discussion with Xo and online reading my upgrade to VR is waiting to Mid-Year at min.

    A buddy from work got to try Vive and Rift side by side at CES and his feed back was that after a while with the rift you wanted to take it off, but with the Vive he was surprised they told him to stop as it was time for the next person. Similar reports have been seen by a few tech sites. So for now I am waiting to see how it plays out.

    I realize this will be an big investment but it will be my 4K ( multiple Curved 34")+VR PC upgrade. At this time my 3770k and GTX980 runs everything at 1440p. Waiting on the new broadwell-e refresh and details on the next nvidia video card.

  • I want to say that my thoughts on this subject are not meant to be my last word on the VR situation, and I'll be keeping an eye on how the market progresses and re-evaluating from time to time.

    One thing that I have heard a ton, and has been mentioned in this thread, is that the Vive is significantly less tiring than the Rift. That would make a big difference to me, I think and is another factor behind me not pre-ordering a CV1.

    With this said, developer support is the name of the game. Even the best games out there, like Elite, do not current properly support the Rift, and no other headsets are on the market. I don't see much reason to rush in, especially since I have the DK2 lying around.

    In any case, I am, and always have been, a sucker for large, high-res displays (I really want a 40-42" Ultrawide to replace my triple monitor setup), so I tend to have over-built systems. I imagine my system will always be 'VR capable' anyway, so when the time comes, I'll jump.
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