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Diablo 3.....

So with patch 2.4 I have gotten back into D3, and I am having fun, but WOW do I ever suck at Greater Rifts....

I finally did my first one this morning on Torment 1, and not only did it take me around 27mins. (I see you guys finishing T9 ones in like 6mins), but I had to do the last like 30% of the boss with 0 armour cause I died so many times that all I had was my sword and my follower.

Is the secret to Rifts to NOT run them solo?

My current season 5 toon is a 70(21) Barbarian.


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    Is the secret to Rifts to NOT run them solo?
    No, rifts are totally doable solo. Your gear is probably just not up to the task yet - if you just hit lvl 70 you likely aren't geared to do Torment effectively yet. (Also you dont have to fight the rift guardian with broken gear - just town portal home, repair, and go back in). If you are getting smashed to death you need to turn down the difficulty until you are not being smashed.

    Luckily this season you get a 'starter kit' of sorts almost for free. This season the first character you get to 70 gets a complete Set of gear.

    If you haven't already, start up a game with your seasonal character and check your mailbox icon in the bottom left of the screen. You should have a package in there which will have two set items. You can get two more packages by accomplishing the following:

    - Kill Zoltan Kule on Torment II or higher (you can do this in adventure mode)
    - Successfully complete Greater Rift 20 solo (Which is about Torment IV).

    First, get your two set items. Next, level the blacksmith so you can craft level 70 gear, and starting with your weapon craft as much level 70 gear as you can. With that you should be able to kill Zoltan Kule on Torment II and get two more set items from your mail.

    After that I would do a full clear of all the Act 1 to 5 bounties, this will get you more gear, a bunch of blacksmith plans and most importantly some crafting materials. Make sure you do whatever act has the "bonus" flag attached so you get the bonus loot at the end. The bonus will move after you clear the act. If at the end of this you still dont have a legendary weapon you can probably craft one.

    After that go get Kanai's Cube from Act III, and be on the lookout for good legendary items to extract powers from.

    By this point you should be able to do Torment I rifts easily, run a few so you get Greater Rift keys. Do a few low level greater rifts so you get Legendary Gems to drop, which you should socket for significant boosts in your power.

    Once you can clear a torment IV rift you can tackle greater rift 20. If you clear it you will finish your set and the six piece bonus will be all you need to demolish everything up to torment VI.
  • Also, install Mumble, join us on the USDN (Epiphany ran?) server cawk.something at home to lazy to look it up), and hang out with us while we all play. Lots of us that have played all the seasons up to this point, and at least one person who's running any of the toons if you have specific build/setup questions.

    This season:

    Witch Doctor: Akira
    Monk: Shadow
    Demon Hunter: Gif
    Crusader: Trademark
    Barbarian: Tugeaux, Hypnotoad
    Wizard: DrAwkward, MrChupon, Snuffy, Wader, Winter(?)
  • For barbs this season, least with the Earth set, the weapon is a pretty big deal. Keep an eye out for the season mighty weapon, Blade of Tribes. It will make a huge difference. Next is the ring, Band of Might, which will add a lot of defense, and then the all mighty Lut Socks for all the leaping. With the 6 piece Earth set, Blade of Tribe, Lut Socks, and the right skills/passives+rotation, you'll be able to roll through T7+ content without much problem.

    Assuming you want to play the with Earth set (leap/quake), there is a very narrow set of skills to play with. I like the following setup:

    - Ancient Spear (Bolder Toss)
    - Ground Stomp (Wrenching Smash)
    - Earthquake (Cave-In)
    - Leap (Iron Impact)
    - Threatening Shout (Falter)
    - War Cry (Veteran's Warning)

    - Earthen Might
    - Ruthless
    - Superstition
    - Nerves of Steal

    The play is pretty simple; leap on stuff, War Cry or Stomp or Shout, toss a boulder, and repeat until everything is dead. You basically want to be able to leap 3 times initially, then use an ability that generates fury to make sure fury is capped, and finally throw a boulder, which will do a crap load of damage. Not only does boulder toss do a boat load of damage, it also spends all your fury, which most of the time will reset your leap cool down.

    I've been having a lot of fun with the build, and it works fairly well in non-progression group play as well as solo. Granted, it really shines in solo play.

    I, and a few others in clan, have played barbs across a few seasons. Best I can tell Raekors (Furious Charge), Wastes (WW), and HotA all seem to be doable in the current season. However, I think everything outside of Furious Charge and Leap Quake start to struggle around GR50, even with pretty solid ancient gear (for normal players that is).

    Good luck, have fun, and spin to win!
  • I accidentally salvaged my season set gloves tonight......derp.....

    I am now 70(58). ran a ton of reg rifts with a buddy from work tonight. I was able to defeat Zolton Kulle on T2 with ease after about 15+ runs, plus one grouped GR tier 20 run.

    but, yeah....I derped and salvaged a set piece like a moron.....
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    I think we've all salvaged at least one item we didnt mean to at some point.

    Rifts and greater rifts reward blood shards which you can gamble at the NPC Kadalah for random gear. So go to her and spam on gloves and hope you get your set.

    Another option is to use the Legendary Ring "Royal Ring of Grandeur" which has the property of reducing the number of set items required for a set bonus by one, to a minimum of two items. You get the ring from the Act I bounty reward cache. So clear act I in adventure mode a few times and try to get the ring. It's a pretty useful item overall. You should run bounties on whatever difficulty allows you to murder elite packs of enemies in 10 seconds or less, but don't go lower than Torment 1.

    There is also a way to use Kanai's cube to convert set items to other items in the set, but that is (1) Random, (2) requires you to have a spare of one of your current set items, and (3) Is a bit costly at this stage. So it's probably not the best bet.

    Your last option is to ask for handouts and be a mooch =). Any of the people above could drag you through Greater Rift 50 about 5 times in under 30 minutes, which will almost certainly improve your virtual socioeconomic status quite a bit via the acquisition of phat loots.
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    Indeed, feel free to ask if you need help and you see us online.

    Gif hit a really good point as well. Get mumble up and running! We're generally hanging out in there, poking fun at Awkward and Akira. The mumble info can be found in the "About Us" section.

    A decent amount of the time, we have someone getting carried through rifts and/or bounties. It's typically Wader, but we can boot him to make some room. His sexual favors have been lacking as of recent.

    P.S. Gif's DH has been known to cause seizures in some people, so plan accordingly.
  • Seizures? You mean dancing uncontrollably, right?
  • Seizures? You mean dancing uncontrollably, right?
    According to The Medical Board of Utah what you are describing is merely God whispering secret truths to you.
  • I am on pretty much every night now. I may have to start tagging along. I think I have mumble installed. Only problem is is that my gaming machine is currently in the living room and the wife is watching tv at the same time and yells at me when I talk during her shows.
  • Give her the gift that really shows you care:

  • Or more cost effectively.
  • That got dark really fast, what he meant by the bat, is "Give her the D" and send her to bed.
  • edited January 2016
    Yes. I meant that.....
    But didn't want to post a picture of the D.

    Wooden bat too, see? SEE?!
  • Also you don't have to talk in Mumble, we have people just sit in there and listen quite a bit, and just use guild chat instead of speaking through mumble.

    And yes, this season it has definately been me getting dragged through stuff constantly. I eventually had to reroll some set items to get a full set of decent gear and can now hold my own instead of just running around picking up everything that I can. Even just getting pulled through to get a full 6 piece set of gear can easily take you from torment 1 to torment 8-10 easily.

    I still don't have an ancient weapon that I want to use and am able to clear T10 easily now simply due to getting dragged through enough content to get the 1-2 pieces that I needed to bump the build to the next level.
  • I couldn't find the mumble server info, someone post it here for me please?
  • - it's on the righthand sidebar of the about us page.

    And I'm gonna give Diablo a shot again too. I think I last played around 1.0.3 or something, so I'll be terribly useless at first.
  • I find myself enjoying it quite a bit. I'm still getting used to all the nuances and not having any knowledge of the gear/game, but it's been fun with everyone's help to be able to crush some Rank 35 GRifts solo!
  • Epi, I saw you playing, if you want to play with us, you'll have to create a Seasonal Character, come on one night, and one of us can power level you to 70 in about 20 mins.
  • yes, most nights there is about 5 of us on at all times.

    Anyone that also doesn't have me on My battletag is Geesus#1966
  • yeah many of us can power level you now.
  • I'll keep it in mind for the weekend. I'll probably only play when I'm home, and I'm traveling this week. But thanks!
  • Just to put it out there; clan chat can be very difficult to notice. It gets mixed in with all the legendary identification and notification spam. This is especially bad when there are a number of people on line running high end content. PMs or Mumble are your friend :)
  • Yeah I need to fix my mumble install. I run the server but I don;t think I've been on there in more than a year. Possibly two.
  • So I'm comfortably running T6 now, but getting the gear I need is taking forever. Finishing my build will take a while if I want to get up to T10. I've been running rifts and getting 1-3 legendary items a run. Fun times.
  • I understand epiphani. I just actually started running T10's comfortably solo last night myself. Getting into rift/grift runs with Gif, Tug and others has really helped.
  • So I'm sitting on a giant pile of crafting mats. Is there any point at all to crafting in end game?

    ps- soloing T10 comfortably now. Just really need a couple of unity rings, then this build should be finished.
  • Yes, always, you can use them to put yellows (specific weapons) you want to try and better Ancients, you can re-roll items, lots of matts is always good. You tend to run out. Especially if you're trying new builds/sets.
  • "Lots of Matts" is the USDN motto I'm fairly certain.
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    I run out of cache items for use in the cube, but I've got well over a stack each of salvage mats (except legendary). The number of plans I have seems limited, but they're not dropping from caches anymore...
  • When Gif is talking about crafting, its outside of the plans that drop. Typically you are using the cube to craft at end game to try to get ancient version of specific items, which uses a large majority of your mats. The stack of salvage mats looks big, but if you start rerolling an item over and over trying to get an ancient or better mods on it, those stacks disapear quickly.
  • those stacks disapear quickly.
  • anyone else been experiencing apparent server-lag as of late? My ping is fine and I've been monitoring for packet loss and haven't had any issues.. but my input feels like it's jumping all over the place in the game. mouse clicks register late, sometimes not at all. even dragging/dropping from my inventory feels delayed.
  • Yeah I've had lag issues. I'm pretty sure they're either in Roger's network (I've had reliability issues lately) or on the server side.

    The stacks I run out of seem to be death's breath. I've started using the cube as described... now I've got my unity rings and can solo grift-55. Tanky, but I need to work up my DPS. At only a few billion, it takes me a long-ass time to kill stuff.
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