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Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak ???

Any thoughts/reviews on this? Anyone have it already?

I am considering buying... but would like opinions.


  • First I'm hearing/seeing this, but it's on my short list as of now of games I want to play. Homeworld Games have always appealed to me. When the D3 Itch has worn off in the next little bit, I'll be sure to put this on the play through.
  • Let me know. I am down.
  • Played through the first 6 missions or so - It's very tactical type of RTS, limited resources, so make use of the units you have, and use flanking positions, higher ground. THe game makes use of higher positions (marked with a +) to give units tactical bonuses. Took me a little to get used to it - but I like the idea of dunes and such, placing my railgun tanks on top of those, while engaging with my lighter assault vehicles. Line of sight is super important too, using smoke and such to break lines. Maps get really big, so re-enforcing units takes time. Story is fairly solid, shades of Red Alert in there, good voice acting. If you liked Homeworld - you'll like this no doubt. Careful with with moving lots of units at once, pathing can be a bit of an issue, but more importantly, units moving across vast distance, will find themselves apart from the pack, I wonder if there is a Convey style move to move them at the lowest speed unit.

  • So I never got into Homeworld for whatever reason but I do like a good RTS. :) Too many games on the go right now though.

    Anyway, purely out of curiosity, how is this game a lot like Homeworld? I thought Homeworld's claim to fame was three dimensional movement?
  • ^ Thats been kind of my main question the whole time. Short of mood I can't imagine the feel being the same since it is short of that 3rd dimension.
  • 1. Because it's not in space, does not mean the game does not play very similar to Homeworld. Akin to other RTS games, this game definitely still plays and feels more like homeworld than other RTS' like Starcraft or Supreme Commander.
    2. It does the same thing as the Mothership, with a moving Land Carrier. Units are produced there and is basically your base on wheels.
    3. Because it does not have free range of motion in space, also does not mean it's not 3D, why I'm explaining this to grown men, I'm not sure. But further to that, I think it's got the best use of 3D environments to date, where some games do give some tactictical advantage or movement in a Z-Plane, it's usually just done in layers. This game feels a lot more fluid, and makes it as those things matter a lot more, see above comments.
    4. Resourcing, and production are more like Homeworld than other RTS'.
    5. Story telling.
    6. Music.
    7. UI.
    8. Tactical Map (Zoom out)
    9. Scale
    10. And finally, because I can't stress this enough, IT IS HOMEWORLD.
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