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I got in this round. Anne's been sitting on an invite for a while.

Anyone else get in?


  • edited February 2016
    have you tried it yet? Thoughts?
  • I have been overlooked again on a Beta for Overwatch. My opinion on the matter has been noted on twitter.
  • Someone graciously loaned their Battle.Net account to me so I could play. So I'm in to play at some point for sure.
  • i havent tried it yet, was at work. installing now, will play tonight between helldivers/smash i guess
  • I got in the last round, will be trying it this week.
  • Well the open is in like, may?
  • If you pre-order Overwatch now. You get into the Beta.
  • Correction Cyber: Get into the Open Beta in May a month before launch. Right now it's still invite only closed Beta. (I know cause I pre-ordered, and still not in).
  • Yeah, but you get the open beta a whole day early!
  • If you pre-order Overwatch now. You get into the Beta.
    If you buy the farm, we'll let you come see the fields a day early!
  • I tried this out during the stress test this weekend. It seems really good.
  • So what is overwatch? Is it more of a TF2 or more of a LOL or some hybrid of the sorts? Can anyone give me a little keep it simple description?
  • The classes are more analogous to DOTA type game where you have unique skills, even ults, that revolve around class types (damage, support, tank) but the game play is TF2 - FPS - Capture a point or Push a cart type game play.

    Lots of fun, with a bit of frustration in Pugs depending on people's picks of classes. (eg, going all dps isn't necessarily the best strat).
  • Yeah, that's exactly how I'd describe it. I mostly played the 'soldier' and was having a lot of fun with it.

    Would be fun to play with a vaguely organized group.
  • For all those me's who still play HotS, Tracer is free now if you pre-ordered :)
  • That's pretty awesome. :)
  • Will folks be playing this next week?
  • I will be, Chupon is as well, I think Tug might be as well. I'm looking forward to a little jump in fast action mayhem this game provides.
  • Playing on PC I assume?
  • Indeed, on PC for most I'd imagine Etter.

    To add to Gif's list, I'm fairly certain Shadow/Ubb, Akira, Trademark, Awkward, and a few others will be playing as well.
  • PC Master Race.
  • I just upgraded my PC for the first time since 2010 . . . so I'm ready to roll.
  • edited May 2016
    Well, find us on Mumbles and get cracking then =).

    Other than Solider 76, other good "entry point" characters are Roadhog, Lucio, Pharah and Junkrat.

    "Do not play until you know what you are doing" characters include Tracer, Hanzo, Genji, Mercy, and Symmetra.
  • I've mostly been playing the blue lady with the rocket launcher. Is that Pharah? I like rocket launchers.
  • Is pre-ordering the only way to get into the beta at this point? I'm not fond of pre-ordering games.
  • Beta is over and game is Live now.

    Also I have Overwatch purchased and installed, but it runs like junk on my computron. I will be upgrading later this year, but for now I am out of the fun :(
  • Got this and played a few games. How do add friends?
  • You can get battle tag or e-mail. m.gajewski8 at the gmailz for me.
  • drawkward#1463
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