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Help me test

edited February 2016 in General
I made a map reference tool you can find at It is mostly done. The main purpose is to help learn maps more thoroughly.

I am going to finish it in the next couple of days and then post about it on Reddit. In the meantime I'm hoping to get more people to test it and make sure it works on various mobile devices. I know it has some issues on IE/Edge, and doesn't work on playbooks.

I am also very interested in its general usability. I envision using it on a laptop, tablet or phone while you play, referencing it during setup rounds and while you're dead. Or in the 'shit+tab' Steam web browser.

It shamelessly steals map floor images from Ubisoft's own map tool (but for the love of the game). I made it because I wanted something that was fast and easy to load and already has all the objectives & cameras marked and rooms labeled. Ubisoft's tool is more appropriate for collaborative tactical planning IMO.


  • edited March 2016
    I quickly tested it on chrome with a Oneplus X. Looks good!
  • Can anyone with an apple product test for me? Can you confirm the menu opens to the right side and then slides closed when you click somewhere else?
    Thanks. :)
  • Clark, this is what comes up on Safari on iPhone

  • Thanks! I assume that is a smaller iphone model? it's really trying its best to still give you the controls. :) Does the menu button open the menu (it's only a cutoff M on the right)?
  • Yes, it opens on the right and closes when I touch elsewhere.

    iPhone 5c
  • Thanks! That is a worse experience than I expected for that device....
    I made a change that may or may not help - do you mind trying once again? :) I'll start looking for an emulator too.
  • Clark, if you need it. I can also test on an iPad mini when I get home from work later today.
  • Thanks! That would be helpful. I'm generally interested to know that the menu works, you can switch to and from French (no German yet), the map can pan and zoom around, you can change maps, etc.

    Can you try it again on the phone too? I adjusted it again so that the floor names have short forms and other tweaks so it hopefully displays a bit better.
  • Using an older iPhone while in cali, 4 or 4s I believe. Stuttered a little while it was loading but otherwise worked fine.
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USDN.CA does not support IE8 or less. Things may not look good or work at all. Why aren't you using a modern browser? :)