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R6 Siege advice for anyone starting

edited February 2016 in General
These are some thoughts I originally sent to Wade (but cleaned up slightly). They are things that might have helped me early on. Please add to it and point anything you think I got wrong.

Situations and Tutorial Videos
I suggest playing the situations (they are like tutorials but more fun) & watching the quick tutorial videos. You'll get some renown that you need to unlock Operators, and it is a decently fun way to learn about the game too.

You want to get 3 attackers and defenders asap. Note that you may need to be quick when selecting them, especially if you purchase popular operators. Being the recruit is not the end of the day though, at least.

What should you buy first? Well, all operators are good in some way, but the following may help:

- Thermite
- Tatcher
- Ash or Sledge or anything that appeals to you (I recommend leaving the shields alone until you learn more about the game - Blitz is great though)

- Rook
- Mute
- Anything that appeals to you other thank Tachanka

Weapon Upgrades:
Whenever you unlock a new opeartor, you pretty much always want to have about 300-400 renown available to unlock some attachments (operators without any attachments are a bit gimped).

1) Sites: There is one set of 'american' sites for all operators except for Russians who get their own set. For American sites, I pretty much just recommend the Holographic sites. They have the best reticle and screen real estate used IMO. The APOC 2.5x zoom can be very effective on some weapons once you learn more.

2) Always get the foregrip (or whatever it is called) if available on a weapon. It only reduces recoil and has no downsides right now (there are no other under gun attachments to choose from).

3) Lasers: I only get these for pistols and shotguns because you rarely fire SMGs or rifles unzoomed. Lasers will give your position away easily. For most operators, you can get by for a while without lasers on pistols.

4) Barrel attachments: I get either the flash hider or compensator based on which improves the firing pattern more (it will show a preview image). Silencers can be okay but you may want to learn more about the game before unlocking them.

General Weapon Advice
I think that rifles and sub machine guns are better than shotguns as a default/starter choice. They are just more flexible. But shotguns can be good (especially on Frost, but I assume it will be a while before you unlock her).

If an operator has multiple rifles to chose from, I think you generally want to get the ones with less recoil / more control because a headshot is instant death in Siege. Also, high rates of fire are usually better compare to slower rifles with higher damage IMO. But you'll have to make your own call on that as you learn more. Go with what feels best and gets you the most kills.

That's it. Hope something here helps someone. :)


  • edited March 2016
    * I mostly agree with Clark's operator picks. In particular, Rook and Thermite are always welcome on basically every team ever (for defense/offense respectively). For that reason, though, they are very popular picks. It's fine to pick a "less popular" operator as a sort of fallback that is unlikely to be taken. IQ, Doc, and Tachanka are kind of bad. Montagne is mostly considered just worse than Blitz (assuming you remember to use Blitz's ability. ... Link. I'm talking to Link here.)

    * Head shots count for a lot. Early on it's hard to focus on, and I still have trouble remembering to think about it, but: Paying attention to being crouched/prone/standing, vs. enemies who may be any of those 3, is a big deal. If you shoot at each other at the exact same time and one guy headshots and the other doesn't, well, one guy is dead and the other is probably lightly scratched. Guess where the other guys head will be before peeking around the corner. If you are repeatedly peeking around a corner where enemies know you are, change your height by crouching, going prone or standing up between peeks - so they can't guess where your head is.

    * Information is all. Flanking an enemy means you kill them 95% of the time unless you're bad like me. Using cameras and drones is important. Good defenders will often shoot at you from inside their buildings and not just wait for you - the surprise and not being sure where they are shooting from can make a big difference. (Of course, we've tried this and often been shot back as well.)

    * Pistols: I feel more bullets are better than higher damage, usually. Plus you'll sometimes use them to shoot drones/cameras. (Running a gun out of ammo completely isn't common, but it does happen.)

    * Melee is surprisingly viable in some situations, though most commonly against or by Shield users (Blitz & Montagne, and theoretically Fuse or Recruits, but don't do that).

    * Clark gets at it, but: Aim / zoom in. Always. You rarely want to shoot your gun except down the sites. (Shield users are the major "sometimes" exception. Shotguns can be effective without aiming, but are still usually best used with aiming. Other guns are massively penalized when hip-firing.)

    * I recommend for your r6 map needs.
  • * Save yourself and others waiting for you to launch time: Rename your startup videos directory to skip a lot of intro videos.

    steamapps\common\Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege\videos\startup <-- rename startup to anything else you want

    * Don't reinforce walls for the sake of it. You don't necessarily have to use both of them every round. This is especially true when defending two bomb sites: You usually do not want to reinforce any walls between the two bomb sites. Instead, blow a hole through connecting walls or make murder holes in order to make it easier to defend both sites.
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