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ISO i7 components

friend of mines son has saved up a bunch of money to build his first gaming rig... going to help him assemble it but trying to save him a few bucks too.. anyone got an i7 system they're upgrading or upgrading parts of they'd be down for selling some/all of to a 16 year old gamer for his first personal pc? figure someone here might be upgrading soon and the hardware would be less abused from you guys vs a random on kijiji... (may still go new AMD to fit his budget)

decent i5 stuff would also work.


  • Maybe some one like Xo will stomp me on this, but I find an i7 might not be worth the money for the HyperThreading. Not sure a lot of game will be using HT. When I built out my last rig, I went for an i5 (unlocked) a better cooling system, and bumped a 3.2Ghz 4 core proc to 3.8Ghz (older now). And made sure to get an SSD and better Video Card. Point is I just think the proc is less a constraint these days, but I would probably still stay with Intel.

    On that note, I had thought about upgrading my rig, but I'm also in Utah.
  • i5 would be fine too... meant to put that... the "street cred" tho for him saying he has an i7 would be a nice touch... looking at a complete system tomorrow with him... 3rd gen i7 and 12gb ram for like 450$ with a monitor even...
  • is that price from a site or a store? If a site could I get a link?
  • was used on kijiji... guy made plans for us to come see it... picked the time then sold it before we could get there... *sigh*
  • Didn't see this until now... what components are you still looking for? I don't have an i7 or anything like that but I can check on other things.
  • Ah well, can still go to parts I guess. Been out of that loop for a long time.
  • clark was mostly looking for mobo/cpu/ram combo is someone upgraded... think we're going to nab him a GTX950 or 960 depending on his funds to toss in it(new)....
    ive got some hd's i can toss him worst case... going to see a system tomorrow that we'd just need to toss a vid card in and maybe an SSD
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