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Can we say game changer

The potentials absurd, game changer from every day living to most fields of science, easy feedback loop system my god


  • I saw this a little bit back, its friggen amazing. The locking mechanisms are actually reasonably priced as well
  • Magnets are always awesome.
  • neat, great product potential, but I don't see it as a game changer to "most fields of science"
  • edited April 2016
    you can't tell me you cannot make a lighter feedback system loop, using this tech, once established your primary calculations begin to just be measuring the magnets interactions. rotate the magnetic fields and you either close or open something, hmm didn't think of code applications. build w/e field is useful in very small spaces, as it is refined and made smaller the applications increase. you can build a magnetic field to w/e specification production allows instead of just adding or subtracting power. fields with in fields can be produced in someones back yard essentially. Even more possibillities of friction reduction, and it could be set at different levels like whoa switches on and off at different levels as strength increases possibilities increase.
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