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Reboot Gaming for good

What's up homeboys! I think its been about 12 years since I posted.

For those of you who do not know me I go by RubixKewb or just Kewb, in the real I am Terry Salmond and for many years I was a card carrying member of USDN.

I am a chef in the KW area and I run pop up restaurants and events in the community. I have been looking for a reason to create a solid gaming event and as a first go I am putting together a Smash Bros competition. The event will help raise money for local sex trafficking victims in the KW area.
The event will include door prizes, raffle and a 1000$ cash prize for the winner of the tournament. There could be up to 100 competitors and 250 attendees with food and drinks done by myself and block 3 Brewery.

Check out the Facebook page
DM me on Twitter @terrysalmond or Facebook for more details


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