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New Trek series news

So some more news regarding the time line in which this new Series is happening. It will happen in the regular "Prime" timeline that we all know, and it will take place before Next Generation.


  • Holy shit! First they announce a good showrunner. Then they get Meyer on board as a writer and director (I think?) of the pilot. It's like they want things to succeed! Here is hoping the streaming service model works out.
  • Here is hoping the streaming service model works out.
    I've done some more reading on this for Trek and CBS's streaming service. They have said officially that they are selling it to other countries for TV broadcast, and isn't necessarily going to be streaming only for those other countries. So here's hoping one of the networks pic it up and put it on a regular channel here, and not an exclusive for Crave (Bell/Telus) or Shomei (Rogers/Shaw). Even though they are open to all, I don't need to subscribe to ANOTHER streaming service.
  • Nerd Boner getting harder!
  • Nerd Boner getting harder!
    Quoted For Truth!!
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