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Rainbow Six Siege Moments

I've been using Nvidia Shadowplay lately and saving videos now and then from Siege games. I figured I would post them here. These aren't necessarily super remarkable but rather just something I felt like saving (but some are like Chupon's 1v4).


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    Chupon 1 V 4 on Plane
    (April 19, 2016)

    Sorry for the crappy jumping around after the first kill - I didn't know how Shadowplay works exactly or that Dave would have such a killer round overall.

  • Awkward plant but Kernon gets the job done!
    (April 11, 2016)

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    The bit that you're completely missing in my video is all the times I kept bumping in to things that I'm intending to vault over simply because I kept pushing the wrong goddamned key. Pretty sure I went prone more than once by accident too.
    I've been playing too much Division lately instead of Siege. :P
  • It's true. There was also some glitchiness on my end as a spectator where it suddenly jumps you around when planting, which makes it look even worse than it really was.

    Also, worth noting is that you won the round. :) Also, the following round too. I was very dead in both.
  • This is one from a ranked match I was in the other day. It's a longer clip, but I think it is worth it:

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    Lots of rezing in this one :)

  • Here's an ace I had the other night - nothing particular special but since I captured it, I'm posting it. :) Sped up a small part 4x just to keep it under a minute.

  • I really need to watch some of you play a little more just to learn a bit on movement and such. Feel like I'm losing a lot of gun fights and what have you as result of just not looking in the right spots.
  • Yeah I know what you mean Gif (and I haven't even played it for reals yet).
  • What times are you guys playing the most? I'm going to try and join.
  • Depends on the, we're pretty erratic. Jump into Mumble and see if anyone is around. :)

    But otherwise 9-midnight Eastern'ish is more reliable? Maybe earlier, maybe later, especially on the weekend.
  • see, I may have to grab that now, and build the pc later
  • Alright, I'm getting a feel for the game. The movement seems super janky though :/
  • I dunno what you mean by janky? Of all the things that I would critique the game for movement wasn't one of them. :)
  • It seems to be an issue with my system. Getting poor performance after playing for a few minutes. I guess I finally need to upgrade from my i5 3750
  • edited May 2016
    I'm on an i5 and its smooth as silk. Not like it's a CPU intensive game. Sounds more like a memory leak or some other driver / configuration issue. What's your video card?
  • gtx 690
  • edited May 2016
    Hmmm, well, a 3570 (k?) is not going to bottleneck a 690.

    I'm currently on a slightly OC'ed 3570k and a gtx 780 (which is mostly comparable in performance to the 690 if I recall) and I don't have any performance issues with Siege. Setting aside the question of hardware going bad I would be going down the route of doing the full mobo / audio / video driver updates and then tracking system usage to see what is murdering your machine as you play. (Shadowplay isn't automatically kicking in with Siege by any chance is it?). Also try playing around with vsync, full-screen windowed mode.

    If you want to throw money at the problem I'd consider a video card upgrade over the CPU. Some excellent mid-range options coming out in the near future. AMD should announce proper details for their Polaris cards in a week, and the GTX 1070 benchmarks will be out by then as well. But if it is a memory leak or some other driver related issue there's no guarantee that swapping the card will help =\
  • I've done a little bit of shopping around/browsing benchmarks. I might do a full mobo/cpu/ram/gpu upgrade.

    I'm pretty invested in nvidia, I have a gsync 1440p monitor.

    (note: I'm running siege in downscaled 1080p for performance reasons. I think it could be an issue with singleplayer missions, because it usually starts after a mission reset)
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    Well I wouldn't go nuts just for Siege. The cheating has become significantly more blatant and commonplace these days, and until Ubi does something about it (though I think it'll be too little too late for the community) I'll be taking my business to Overwatch.
  • Still got it sometimes. ;)

  • What did you whisper in her ear at the end?
  • It was lost in translation.
  • Clark vs. the World
  • Anti-Climax:

    Defending on Bank:

  • How do you get it so your h4x don't show up in video?
  • I keep looking for you Link and I keep being disappointed.

    Now I know how your dad must feel. Although I suppose I already did when I fucked your mom last week.

    Couldn't help it! Writes itself man!
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