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July 22/23 - BBQ Save the Date

edited July 2016 in General
July 22 - Friday Night (5:30+)
- I think Phro is coming :)
- Come anytime after 5.30 or so (or at least make sure I am home if coming by earlier)
- I'm not organizing dinner really, but maybe we'll get pizza or something at some point

July 23 - Saturday (1:00+)
- Come by anytime in the afternoon
- Asking $10 (usual envelop) to help cover dinner costs, snacks, drinks, etc
- @ clark's place, I'm sure you can find the address from someone. :)

Clark + Paula (2)
Ichtys + GF (2)
Akira + Cass/Brian/Lindsay (4)


Other significant others?

See above for details.


  • Well of course.....I leave KW on the 12th of July to come back to Calgary.

    Thanks a lot Clark.....
  • Well fuck.
  • No worries Clark.

    My schedule for KW for the weekends is pretty packed. Probably couldn't make it anyways.

  • Road-tripping from NYC :) Staying Thursday night near Niagara Falls. Working from the Waterloo office on Friday. Party all weekend then driving back Sunday.
  • I'll be there for certain.
  • Sorry guys, looks like I'll make it again this year :(
  • duck game.
  • Likely out.
  • 90% in
  • w00t! (to lazer, boo to xocet)
  • edited July 2016
    I'm in.

    (... now that layoffs are past and I know more of what is what)
  • Unfortunately, out. :(
  • edited July 2016
    im in, trying to convince wife. she doesn't know what she would do all day (despite liking mario kart, most board games, frisbee, and food). she asked if john or trademark will be there, the answer to both was yes so that cancelled out.
  • Plans have changed for me. I'll be driving up from NYC with my girlfriend on Friday early after work so we might arrive late.

    ps. For the BBQ, if there could be non-red meat options that would be great :)
  • she asked if john or trademark will be there, the answer to both was yes so that cancelled out.
    I applaud your ambiguity here.

    Also, I'm more or less willing to do most of the things your wife apparently likes, so she should probably help increase the international travel quota.
  • in so deep.....

    Jordan (Koppa) is in. Cass/Brian/Lindsay should be in as well for Sat.
  • I invited Cameron because everyone loves sarcastic Gumby with glasses.
  • edited July 2016
    Roll Call! Updating my post above with names in or out :) I'm mostly concerned with making sure I have enough food Saturday.
  • What are people interested in doing Saturday?

    Board games are a given. Hangin out and being nerdy are a given. Man love is unavoidable.

    What else? Steam local multiplayer? Few PCs for Overwatch? Wii U? Just wondering how I should set things up.
  • Ultimate Chicken Horse!
  • I'll be there!

    I'm gonna bring Formula D, and would love to do a 10 person 2 lap extravaganza. Otherwise I feel like we can find some party games and load them up like last time.

    Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a goodun'.
  • I'll be there Saturday but won't be able to do Friday, unfortunately.
  • I'm almost hurt that I have to officially confirm!
  • Updated details above. TLDR, something Friday evening, and then Saturday. I'm not organizing dinner for Friday, but people can figure it out. Asking $10 on Sat as per usual, for dinner etc. :)

  • wife is in. will be there friday night. I can bring a pc if needed, or any board games from:
    which includes kingdom death
  • I'm in for both nights. I can also bring a PC, and any board games people want!

    I have a few larger number games just pulled out, nothing significant...but if anyone is looking to play something, I can bring it along either day.
  • Chugs: Bring a few of your choices + any requests for both days (I mean, you can just leave the board games here). Let's chat tonight about if we want to setup another PC or not on Satuday.
  • If someone has and can bring Colt Express, that was really fun last year.

    We made it to the hotel, see everyone tomorrow
  • edited July 2016
    CapaCon: Awesome as always!

    Big thanks to Jon and Paula for being the hostests with the mostestsss as I exploit their generosity year after year.

    It was a ton of fun hanging out, failing to ghost it up, helping teach assassins and evil to win and then dying to that same evil, and however many hours of near-continuous Catchphrase so many of us played through over and over, because it keeps being funny.

    I declare most hilariously epic fail to be Johnny's call of "Animal, 2" in Codenames when "Bat" was a bystander and "Cat" was on the other team.


    sponsored by
  • edited July 2016
    Setting aside the airline induced nightmare Tugeaux has been / continues to be suffering, I think that this was one of the best Summer BBQs we've had. What a great weekend. Was great to see so many different folks from all over, and have some good old fashioned unpretentious fun.

    Special thanks to our hosts for being incredibly generous. You two are awesome.

  • I'm already looking forward to next year. Thanks for being such great hosts Jon and Paula!
  • This years BBQ was the opposite of weak! 10/10 would recommend to a friend.

    Also, pie.

    Thank you to Jon and Paula for hosting. Was great to have Paula around this year, and not just because of the food.
  • Duck game.
  • edited July 2016
    Thanks to the hosts for hosting us! And to John for giving up the nicer bed! Always worth the drive up.

    Probably won't bring the PC next year unless there is an obvious LAN game we are all playing.

    I counter John and think the most epic fail was him losing all his bunnies in Funny Bunny against the boys. I mean, you can see the holes John, choose a different bunny.

  • It'll be a sad day when my boys realize you can see the hole spots.

    You're welcome everyone and thanks to everyone who came, especially those who had to travel. Was lots of fun. :) Looking forward to next year.
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