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Retro Win98 Gaming rigs

anyone in to these? thought i'd purged all the gear i had from then long ago, but in some house cleaning i came across another box with more!
Asus CUV4X mobo with P3 800 cpu on it
P2-450 Intel Retail
P2-350 OEM
Geforce2MX AGP
ATI 3D Rage Pro AGP
Aureal vortex soundcard and a ton of nics and other misc crap. free if you're building a 98 gaming rig any pieces you want just let me know.


  • Oh man - - so I've been cleaning old PC hardware and found my old p4 3ghz shuttle.... it could probably take one of those video cards if it doesn't have one already. It's sort of tempting? Not sure what I would actually use it for though. But if anyone wants it...
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