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Batman: Arkham Underworld

edited May 2016 in General
Disclaimer: I've worked a bunch on this game!

This game is now in Canada's iOS app store as of ... a few minutes ago! (Sorry, no Android yet.)

This is a sort of Clash-of-Clans style base-building/base-attack game. You play as Gotham's finest... villains, such as Riddler, Harley, Croc, Mr. Freeze, and Scarecrow, for now. If you do play, I'd love to hear feedback, good or bad, private or public, whatever.

There's a lot of strategy in the game. It might be too hard right now. :)

Americans (or others): If you convince your device you are in Canada you should be able to download this. There are some exact steps you can take to do this without having a credit card in Canada - these steps are somewhere on the internets. But it's not in the U.S. app store... yet.!/


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