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Seige "starter edition"

So I don't think I can run this well still, but for 20$ I think I'm going to try anyway.

That being said which 2-4 starting guys would you deem the "must gets" for starting players.

(two are random from a pool of six, two chosen).

Info on starter edition is here.


  • I'd go with Rook and Mute on defense and Sledge and Fuze for offense. That should give you a decent mix of enjoyable gameplay options.

    PS: I am terrible at the game.
  • ha ha, I expect to be abysmal.
  • Those are good suggestions. Really any of the operators from the random starting pool are good options. Only thing with Fuze is you have to be verrryyy careful on hostage maps. :) But he is fun.
  • Yeah fuze looked fun, he was on my personal short list.
  • Did you get it?
  • I did, and fuze was my freebie attack mans
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