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Nostalgia ALERT!! Nintendo releases first 13 years of Nintendo Power mag.....FOR FREE


  • edited August 2016
    You know as transparent corporate shilling goes, Nintendo Power was pretty great. Its pretty obvious that the guys putting the mag together had no fucking clue how to do a visual layout, but you knew they really loved games. Around the SNES era they actually started "Reviewing" games insomuch as they would give a highpoint / low-point of each title with some staff commentary.

    In an era where guys like Yahtzee and PewDiePie make bank utterly eviscerating things for the slightest imperfection, this may not seem like much, but given their existence as a limb of Nintendo corporate, one literally predicated on getting kids to buy video games for the NIntendo system of the era, having the audacity to print anything even remotely negative about a title was a pretty shocking act of rebellion.

    And man, their dedicated strategy guides were amazing. I wish I knew where my official guide for the original Final Fantasy ended up.
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    To make this even better. BAM.
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