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Safety Razors

So been pondering getting one of these for a while and since my electric just broke, thought it might be a good time.

Any recommendations on brand/features? (things like weight and handle length)

Accessories? (shaving cream brushes, animal hair vs synthetic)

I know these things can have a learning curve, but better to start now than put it off any longer.


  • My razor of choice is the classic Merkur long handle. There are a large number of variations on this razor, so makes it difficult to nail down a specific model number or the like. Razor wise, I suggest buying a couple of the variety packs and finding which you like best. My personal preference is the Feather or Nacet blades. For shaving cream, I like most of the Proraso tube based creams. The brush is where you should expect to spend some money. A good brush is not cheap, and will make all the difference in your lather. However, I do like the Tweezerman shaving brush as cheap alternative for just starting out and/or travel. Worth noting I’ve had the best luck with badger hair based brushes. Also, make sure to get a brush stand.

    My number one biggest suggestion for people just starting to use a DE or straight razor is to make sure you properly prep your skin before each shave. I’ve still not found a pre-shave face scrub I love, but the Art of Shaving and Jack Black both have some decent products. Outside of that, make sure you have a styptic pencil at the ready and that you allot extra time for each shave.
  • Thanks Tug, I'll look into those.
  • Never ask for shaving advice from a bearded man.

    Natural badger brushes are crap unless you get the very expensive ones.

    Plisson style synthetics are the best: e.g.

    Any decent safety handle is fine.

    Maggard I think is canadian and has some awesome soaps too. e.g.

    I bet Jennifer would have some insight
  • or just shave with a normal razor ...

    you god damn hipsters
  • edited September 2016
    Been shaving with a safety razor for probably 6+ years now - but I've also been sporting a beard most of that time and only shaving edges/neck, so my view is skewed.

    Don't care about the handle much.. spend $30-$50 on one though, don't go super cheap. All metal. Badger hair brush is nice and enjoyable, but getting the right soap or cream is most important. Don't buy shaving cream that comes in an aerosol can - get an actual soap or cream that you have to lather up in a bowl.

    Make sure you shave right after a shower and your face is still wet. Throw some hot water on there during to keep it wet. When you're done, rinse with cold water. This is by far the biggest difference I noticed after learning how to properly shave, safety razor or not.

    And I switched because I was sick of expensive razors that gave me a shit shave after two uses. At $8 for ten double-sided blades, I save money.
  • yeah the savings and the 'proper shaving ritual' are the main reasons I'm switching it up, thanks for the input guys.
  • yeah the savings and the 'proper shaving ritual' are the main reasons I'm switching it up

  • Anything worth doing is worth doing right.
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