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new gaming rig

So I'm being a little lazy and using a site that tracks many of the prices and takes care of most compatibility issues. I even went so far as to use their 'modest gaming' rig as a starting point as it fits in around my 1k CDN price point.

Already changed out the case for one 60$ cheaper with better room in it that should still meet the cooling needs.



  • I was going to say 8GB of ram seems low to me, but according to the Steam hardware survey it's a very common amount:
  • well with the price of ram I could easily increase it to 12 or 16, which I may do as I was considering doing some video editing. Otherwise no issues on your end? I was in the middle RE the new radeon and nvidia cards, so will probably base my end decision on what if any goes on sale around Black Friday/Cyber Monday.
  • I don't really feel qualified to comment on much else lol. Haven't been watching hardware closely enough lately.
  • if not too late, 8gb is pretty limiting. bf1 beta was consitently crashing due to running out of memory when i was there
  • Not too late, not buying parts till black Friday. With Ich myself and you all expressing concerns, 16 is the new number.
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