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  • Yeah.... WTF.
  • Yeah WTF pretty much sums it up.
  • I'm interested in Gif's interpretation of the mood down south since he lives there now...

    But also agreed with the others, WTF
  • Hey, most Americans voted for Hillary.


    I have no answers. Only tears.
  • Hopefully you'll still be allowed to come to Canadian BBQs ;)
  • Ironically my faith in politics has been slightly restored now that trump won. I was 100% sure Hillary was going to win if not legitimately then it would have been fixed some how. Knowing that she and major corporations weren't able to do that makes me feel good.

    However, i am also disgusted in humanity that a person as vile, sexist, racist, climate denying, etc, like Trump could have actually won by popular vote... i wholeheartedly agree with the statement... WTF.
  • WTB 1 x Bernie. I honestly liked him as a president, with what little I knew.
  • Bernie was definitely my first choice. But I'm from one of the most liberal bastions in America anyway.
  • I do not vote for the major parties. I voted green mostly across the board cept wrote myself in a couple of times. Other than that to tired to care as my son has started walking.
  • I have absolutely no problem with people that voted for Trump because they were voting against Hillary. With the amount of misinformation (and true scandal) surrounding her, it's is pretty damn hard to tell what was real and what wasn't.

    The people that actually liked Trump and voted for him, though. Yeah, they are the caricatures you see of 'Murrica. Fuck yeah.

    However, the only bright spot I can see so far, is that Trump immediately morphed into a true politician the day after the election and started walking back on most everything. Now he is apparently having the chairman of the Republican national Committee as his chief of staff... Politics as usual. Maybe, just maybe, it won't be worse than Clinton.
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