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Civ 6?


Only people on my list I see that have it are John and Anne.


  • I've really enjoyed Civ 6.

    It's definitely a new game, different from previous Civs. I like it more than I liked 5 (though I never really got into the expansions, which I'm told were pretty great). I doubt I'll put as many hours into it as I did into Civ4 (and mods), but that's hard for any game to reach now. :)
  • I think it's pretty good but the AI isn't great right now.
  • The AI sure doesn't understand water. Otherwise it seems pretty averagely stupid.
  • It's amazingly good, but I have to back up the stupid AI assertion. Though, sometimes it doesn't need to be smart; I've lost due to the AI just being insanely aggressive relatively early game (1000 ADish).

    Mechanically the only thing really pissing me off is that it feels like the max camera distance is a little short. I want to zoom out more like you could in Civ 5. I installed a mod that lets you zoom out farther, but it causes weird corruption near the edges of the displays (at least in ultra-wide resolutions).

  • I am hoping it is on sale this week... If so, I am going to pick it up.
  • I can't justify the $80 this thing costs on steam. But I would like to get it eventually.
  • There are several places that are advertising for as low as $39 (US Dollars) for Black Friday.
  • Definitely on for $39.99 (US) right now.
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