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Calling any card or VR gamers.

My friend is making a game, entering contests, and I know a lot of you are into these things, would love to give him more support, proper feedback etc.

Also check out Daggasoft on Fbook.

If it's not up your alley, no worries, but I honestly think it's a solid start and could be a great VR game as things pick up in that space.


  • edited December 2016
    Interesting concepts but as someone who has played a number of different card games, it seems very... busy. But that could be a simple matter of phases, but if you are using weapons while brewing potions and playing cards while blocking with your shield. See what I mean?

    Also another VR card game out there has gone with floating 'hands' as the text on flat cards is difficult to read, he may want to consider a rack or tray system, to 'prop' the cards up a bit.
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