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Saturday Jan 7 Nerdy Get Together! Get your food order in here

edited January 2017 in General
Where? My place
When? Saturday, Jan 7, 2:00

Why? Help recovering from holidays.
What? Board games. Local Multiplayer. Small LAN? Optional Pants.

Who? You, you nerd.

-=//RSVP here please.\\=-

Food will be a little different - I'm grabbing shawarma - so put in your order here. If you don't, there will be no shawarma for you, and your life will seem empty and meaningless while everyone else enjoys their meal (but to be clear it IS still empty and meaningless regardless, sorry, at best you can escape that cold reality briefly).

Here's your options:
1) Chicken (DEFAULT), Gyro or Falafel
2) On Rice or French Fries (DEFAULT)
3) 2 sides from: Hummus (DEFAULT), Baba Ghanoush (cooked egglplant), Tabbouleh (parsley salad), Fattoush (DEFAULT, basically green salad)
4) Sauce: Garlic + Chipotle (DEFAULT, I'm not sure what else they have, but we can request)

- If you don't specify an option you'll get the default (so you can just say 'give me all the defaults and stop making this complicated!')
- There might be a lot of orders. Hopefully nothing gets mixed up. Forgiveness and patience are potentially required.
- The menu is here in case you REALLY want something else, asshole: ;)

Snacks and pop will also be available as per usual. I also have some beer to finish up from the year.
Shawarma is 9.99 + tax, so I'm asking for about $10-15 to help cover that and snacks if you're ordering. Bring cash! :)

Who is in?

IN (10):
Clark - Defaults except Rice instead of Fries
Paula - Yes Food, ?
Chupon - Gyro, Rice, Hummus, Tabbouleh, Garlic + Chipotle sace
Snuffy - Default food!
Trademark - Gyro, Rice, Hummus, Tabbouleh, Garlic + Chipotle sauce
Cyber - Gyro, Fries, baba g (2x?), garlic + chipotle
Wader - no food order
Akira - no food
Tim - probably no food
Chuggs - Gyro, Rice, Hummus, Tabbouleh, Garlic + Chipotle
Chowner - Default except Rice instead of Fries




  • I am in.

    1 - Gyro
    2 - Rice
    3 - Hummus, Tabbouleh
    4 - Garlic + Chipotle

    Thanks Clark!
  • I work so I'll be a bit later at 630 unfortunately. When is food being getting got?
    1 - Gyro
    2 - Rice
    3 - Hummus, Tabbouleh
    4 - Garlic + Chipotle

    If in time I'll get this. : DDD
  • I'm in!!!

    But do require a ride from Waterloo if someone has room.

    Gyro, fries, baba, garlic + chipotle
  • Yeah the timing should work out fine Trademark - can always reheat a little if necessary.
    Sounds good cyber! I'm not sure who will grab you but surely someone can??
  • I'm there.

    Hummus, Tabbouleh
    Garlic + Chipotle
  • I'm in, I'm good for food though, I'll probably have a large lunch or just grab something separate.
  • edited January 2017
    Clark, yes x 2, I love Baba!!

    Also second the bump for a ride......please someone.....
    I can be txt at four zero three four six seven zero one nine six
    I am just off Westmount in Waterloo between Union and John if that helps
  • I'll come get you, I'll shoot you a text.
  • edited January 2017
    I'm coming but I'll be late. Sorry for the delay.
  • Little late on seeing this. Cool if I drop by later as well?
  • Yep, of course!
  • Thanks for the good times Clark. Was excellent catching up with everyone. Also thanks again Chugs for the ride.
  • I sure do live far away. Glad to hear an injury free enjoyable time was had!
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