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You're all still here!

Hey guys.
Been a long time. I Recently got back into PC gaming and built a new rig. It has been at least 10 years since I played a PC game. I have been playing Battlefield 1. It had me feeling a bit nostalgic so I thought I would see if the site was still around. Very cool to see it is still here. What is everyone playing these days?


  • OMG it is Jayman. :) Hope things are good. Glad to see you doing some gaming.

    Some people are playing Battlefield at times. I bet you could find them online - we tend to use discord for voice chat these days, here's a join link (you can join through your browser or download the client)

    Personally I play a lot of Rainbow Six Siege still. :) I think it is the best FPS ever made, but only a few from around these parts still humour me with it.
  • Jayman!!! I play BF1! What's your origin name?
  • Clark, that invite is actually expired or invalid.
  • Origin name is MaskPainter. I have not tried Rainbow 6 Siege. I will have to give it a look. I am really enjoying PC gaming again. BF 1 would much more fun with a group.
  • Bunch of us are playing BF1 - get on Discord server and come play with us.
  • I wish I could get back into playing.
    I tried CS GO for a short while last year before my baby was borne, but I see hacking is still a thing unfortunately.
    I can’t wait for a Mobile version of BF, technology has a little further to go before I can play a FPS in the crapper
  • not gonna make a new post but I have returned as well, hopefully see you filthy bastards on discord soon!
  • Pretty much 100% on Guild Wars 2 these days.
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