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Weekly Table Top Simulator night?

I think it would be fun to have a weekly night / time where we play a boardgame on Table Top Simulator. I know others are interested as well. Do people have a preference for what day or time? I was thinking Wednesdays at 9pm et. Thoughts?


  • +1

    Love the idea, would love to participate. I have a few games (DLC) already. I believe Chugs might be interested as well, and he too owns several games.

    Wednesdays work for me.
  • I'm in, Wed at 9PM is good for me!
  • I haven't used TT Simulator yet but definitely interested.

    That said, Wednesday is currently my standing Real Life board game night. >_> Tuesday? Thursday?
  • That all sounds awesome.

    I do not have that thing.

    Let me know how it works out!
  • i'd be down for tt sim on wed at 9. or even friday/monday!
  • Damn - John I thought Thursday was your board game night.

    Does Thursday work for you guys?
  • i can join once raid is done on thursdays. so sometime after 9:30-10:30 would be when i'm showing up if you guys get a round started without me.
  • Will most likely be out Thurs nights. I can just jump on and see if there's space if I'm around!
  • It appears Monday night works for all. So Monday (tomorrow) at 7pm ET it is!
  • Ah I meant 9et!
  • Rescheduled for Wed. 2/22/2017 @ 9 EST
  • Last night, Numbers, Awkward, Tug and I played Legendary Encounters: Alien (the Alien scenario). We managed to win though Awkward still has a chestburster inside him to this day.

  • i call him pebbles
  • I actually just finished an afternoon of board games. Did a round of Eclipse, Lords of Waterdeep, a game where we build power plants and houses (forgot the name) and then something omega virus? talking game from the 90's.
  • Power-grid and The Omega Virus.

    Funny I forgot the names of the two I won >_>.
  • Reminder there will be TTS tonight at 9pm ET. Find us in discord. Not sure what we're playing yet -- likely will depend on how many people show up
  • Hey People I barely know!
    I'd like to give it a try tonight, what TTS are you guys using?
  • we are using the one on steam.
  • Monday's game was fun! I'm busy next Monday but I hope to meet up with you guys on March 13th.

    I'd like to purchase a simulated board. any requests/recommendations?
  • Most games are available for free through the steam workshop. I'd browse through that for one you like.
  • Is it the one just called Tabletop Simulator? That is $19.99 ?
  • Reminder that tonight is table top night! If we have a huge turnout we can always break into groups and play different games. Not sure If I'll be able to make it out to this one but I will try.
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