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BBQ Roll Call & Food Input

edited July 2017 in General
Who is in for the BBQ on July 8? Can you also indicate if you want me to order food for you (see below)?

UPDATE: 1 or 1.30 star time seems good this year :)

IN (14 food, 1 no food)
Clark (food yes)
Paula (food yes)
Akira (food yes)
Chupon (food yes)
Tug (food yes)
Chugg (food yes)
Incomer (food yes)
Trademark (food yes)
Link (food yes)
Snuffy and Liam (food yes x2)
Chown (yes food)
Torkana (yes food)
Shadow (no food ???)
Wader (yes food)

OUT (2)
Ichtys :(
Xocet :(

Ianman (no food)

Note on food this year:

EDITED: My BBQ is out of commission this year so we're going to order some food from the Lancaster smokehouse, and also make some (Dave has kindly offered to smoke some chickens for us!).

So basically I'm asking for $10-$20 for food (including snacks and pop). $15 average is what I am hoping for. Can you let me know if you are coming and sort of more importantly for my planning, if you will be participating in the food eatings? :)



  • IN yes.


    AWW YES.

  • I like food (Yes)
  • edited June 2017

    "ROCKETS fire ROCKETS at ROCKETS in this action-arcade, arena-combat, gorgeous festival-of-fireworks! It's dogfighting meets figure-skating in space with local multiplayer and single-player fast-paced action modes plus a ZEN MODE where ROCKETS learn to LOVE."

    Overcooked: Gourmet Edition
    "Overcooked is a chaotic couch co-op cooking game for one to four players. Working as a team, you and your fellow chefs must prepare, cook and serve up a variety of tasty orders before the baying customers storm out in a huff. "

    Floppy Heroes
    "Floppy Heroes is a ragdoll physics brawler with dismemberment, a wide range of weapons and armor, very simple controls, and custom battles playable with up to 6 local players. "

    12 orbits
    "12 orbits is the only local multiplayer game for 2-12 people at once, no matter what you play on. A single keyboard, touchscreen or controller will do."

    Death Stair
    "Missing the days of split screen multiplayer or wanting to play with actual in-person friends in the same room? Death Stair is a local multiplayer stair climbing game. Play locally with maximum three friends and race to the finish while the fourth, armed to the teeth with an arsenal of unconventional ammo..."

    Also picked up Genital Jousting and Lovers Space Battle Thing that Snuffy had last time because those seemed like keepers in their own way.
  • edited June 2017
    I'm there, and I'll be in for food.

    I'll bring Captain Sonar again, and I've got some games on my steam account as well. Screen Cheat looks like it should be fun!
  • edited June 2017
    Whoops, this doesn't show any replies on bad!
  • I will attending and eating.
  • Yes and please.
  • I'll be there! And I'll want to eat stuff!
  • More games purchased for couch play!

    Move or Die!
    "Move or Die is an absurdly fast-paced, 4-player local and online party game where the mechanics change every 20 seconds. The very definition of a perfect friendship-ruining game."

    Black and White Bushido
    "Black & White Bushido is a 1-4 player stealth-em-up arena brawl. Choose between the light and the shadow in three challenging game modes. Hide with camouflage, throw shurikens and drop smoke bombs to beat your friends locally or online."

    Party Saboteurs
    "Party Saboteurs is a local multiplayer espionage party game for up to four players. Each player controls a spy who is trying to blend in an exclusive cocktail party to complete the missions. The catch? At the same time, they are all controlling snipers trying to identify and eliminate each other’s spies."

    Lance a Lot
    "RUIN FRIENDSHIPS. ON ROCKETS. Challenge your friends to a GLORIOUS tournament of rocket jousting! Up to 4 players can fight each other locally – but only one will be left standing when the dust settles."

    "Find your unique style of murder in this intimate and visceral local multiplayer for two, and outwit your neighbor. Same bloody field, different bloody perspective. Hide, seek, kill."

    SO, way too many to actually try now, but good to go for a while. :)
  • In, with food please :)
  • 1 or 1.30 start time seems good this year on Saturday :)
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