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New Forum Changelog

edited December 2011 in General
I'm going to post here as I change things. Most of you probably don't care that much, but it helps me validate my efforts. :)

Monday, December 5:
- Added "Participated Discussions" to discussions filter. I did this a few days ago. The style needs to be fixed.
- Changed the title tag for the homepage to "USDN Forums" instead of "All Discussions..."
- Changed the forum icon back to USDN with an underline. What about the old maple leaf? I guess we aren't as focused on the Canadian thing anymore though.


  • Still waiting on the WYSIWYG interface but so far I like it.
  • edited December 2011
    Question: do you guys like that the forums highlights the discussions you started, and your posts within discussions?

    Keep in mind that I can make it less dramatic (less baby blue in your face). I'm just wondering, if it is a helpful feature or not?
  • I'm not all that fond of my posts within threads being marked. Or the threads I've started, for that matter.

    I find it a bit jarring . . .
  • no i dont like it either. i'd rather a universal alternating scheme
  • I like it as I am retarded and wish to only read from the point where I finished before.
  • The forums do take you to the oldest unread post when you click on a thread . . . it's just not marked in any way.
  • Trying a different theme.
    Thoughts? It fills the full width, obviously. I can't decide if I like that more or not.
  • Man ... would like something in between.

    The column down the center has a bit too much margin.

    But this theme has never even heard of a margin.
  • i hate the current no margin setup
  • edited December 2011
    Even Greece retains more margin than this forum setup.

  • MrChupon said: Even Greece retains more margin than this forum setup.
  • I laughed.
  • a little bit would be fine, but it's tits better than the previous 20% of screen used for narrow column setup
  • Yeah, I like the idea of a bit wider view. Just smashed up against the left of the screen is a bit hard on my sensibilities.
  • Its just how this theme came... I would never leave it like that. But the important thing is it is closer to the end goal and what I will work with now.
  • I like this great, but that's also because I use side-tree-tabs so I get a margin anyway. =)
  • Just a heads up, the wysiwyg editor someone was playing with this morning was CRUSHING my shitty work PC when I tried it in IE.
  • Anyone having trouble staying logged in with openid? I've got keep me logged in selected both here and at my openid provider and I'm still getting logged out regularly ...
  • If you're actually inside a discussion (not on the main topic page) you lose the favicon . . .

    (I obsess over favicons a bit, but with a lot of tabs open, they're pretty important.)
  • It's actually missing from everything with the new theme. You just have it cached I think.
    I'll fix it soon.
  • edited December 2011
    1. [spoiler]you can tag spoilers - the style will be improved[/spoiler]

    2. Also fixed the fav icon. Just for Etter. ;)

    3. Margins should be slightly improved, as a quick/interim fix.
  • Hrm. Can't re-collapse the spoiler afterwards. Maybe not that important, just what I expected.

    Useful sometimes in things like mafia (where I might make a sekrit post with all the roles -- sometimes nice to put them all in spoiler tags to make it smaller, let people click on what they care about.)
  • Just for you I altered it to have a hide Johnny.
    Just for you. Well, I didn't restrict it to only you pro grammatically or anything, so I suppose others can benefit, but we both know who it is really for.
  • How do you use it?
  • [spoiler]I don't know[/spoiler]
  • The google login thing is back.

    When I click sign in, then sign in using google, I am redirected back to a login page, instead of to the discussions list. I DO get signed in, just don't end up at the right place.

    It's really not a big deal, just an annoyance. It has happened on FF8 on more than one PC.
  • I get that too... so, it started happening, then "fixed itself", then came back?
    I'm trying to figure out if it is something I did or just a bug in Vanilla.
  • Yeah it happened as soon as the forums launched. then a day or so later worked properly for two or three days, then started happening again.
  • I poked around at a few themes... I kinda like these:

    That being said, I think we need our own theme eventually.
  • dont see a preview for nebula. engima-silver links to his forum then there's a topic on enigma-blue, kind of USDNy
  • The mobile version of the site is pretty fuckin slick.
  • PlatooN said: Yeah it happened as soon as the forums launched. then a day or so later worked properly for two or three days, then started happening again.
    further update to this. If you use the google icon below the Howdy stranger message in the top right, you don't get the bug and the sign in is super smooth
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