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Today's Steam Sale: King's Bounty

edited December 2011 in General
Today's Steam deal - King's Bounty: Armored Princess - is a very capably done Heroes of Might and Magic knockoff. I had a great time with it, so if you're a Heroes of M&M fan you can't go wrong for six bucks.


  • edited December 2011
    Actually King's Bounty came before M&M the first one was an old Sega game. M&M is by no means a knock off and certainly took the game to a higher level just building off it.

    and dam I have ben sickand I missed it
  • The original original King's Bounty was before Heroes. King's Bounty, the newer version you buy on Steam, was produced by some of the original developer(s), I believe, but still took stuff from M&M. They heavily influenced each other.

    And they're awesome.
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