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U-Pick Mafia

edited December 2011 in Mafia Party Game
hey guys, I'm having my signups now on the forum.

No messaging me on here, I'm requiring you guys to message me through this forum. It'll make things much easier.


  • YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST NO MORE MESSAGES FOR NUMBERS ON THIS FORUM ANOTHER SELF-BANNING it's always sad when a nice place like this ends up in a girl like her anyway wait what
  • cataldo, you confuse me sometimes. you are a cool guy, but.... very confusing.
  • indeed join us. i have reached the minimum number of people i need, so i will be making the sign ups for one week longer, that is, ending on January 9th. after that i'll be making my game.
  • three more days guys to sign up for u-pick.
  • roles are sent out. the sooner everybody replies the sooner the game starts :)

    for those of you who aren't in the game, if you would like to see the spoiler thread, that is all set up as well. at least for the most part. :)
  • If it's not too late, I'd like to join.
  • 2 plus yr necro gg
  • :/ i looked at this hoping somebody else was running one. >:|

    on the plus side i'm working on a mafia/not-quite-mafia game that is game of thrones based. might take awhile before i run it though. kinda stuck on some things i want to do with it while making sure it's still balanced.
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