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  • Most of us already picked one up, as Canada or at least Ontario had a sale on them just before Christmas, but nice to know you're looking out for us Aslan. :)

  • It was actually somewhat amusing. We flooded fedex really badly. Over 10,000 playbooks in a period of a few days.
  • just completed the paperwork for my 2 free ones today... renew your BES support contract between Dec 01 2011 and feb 29 2012 and they'll send you 2 free ones!
  • What's the word on Skype for the Playbook? What about in the Android Player?
  • Someone get me one for free and i will try it!

  • Like RDP for the playbook Skype is one that RIM needs to get on both their blackberry and playbook. Thats costing them sales
  • Wait you want RDP Mark? Why didn't you just say so already?
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