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Star Trek: Renegades

So - stumbled on this in my torrent feed:

I remember this being a Kickstarter Project last year. Ohh boy!

Being a Trekkie, I couldn't say no, but I really should have. I really have to say, just about every other scene looked like it was going to belong to the Star Trek XXX Parody film (which, when I think about, probably had better acting).

I really wanted this to be good, but the idea of Tuvok comissioning a bunch of cowboys to do their dirty work, and save the Earth was so forced it hurt. Each character is suppose to have some sob storey of why the belong on this Renegade crew, and how, though they don't belong, are some how full of awesome heart touching emotions, then they took their clothes off and had sex on the bridge. Oh wait, I'm confusing movies now.

So ya, get drunk, have some friends over, and watch it. It's worth it on the sheer laughable value of it, but not anything more than that.

Also, Mythbuster's Grant Imahara graces the screen with his presence, and show's us what a $15 dollar coupon to the school of Larry Storch School of Acting can really get you.


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