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Battlefield 1

Polish up those CAG tags y'all


  • I imagine most people will be playing this on pc? (if they play it?)
  • I'll be playing it, I've been buying most of the Battlefield titles (only one I recently skipped on is Hardline), but World War 1 - done in the next gen engine, fuck ya.
  • A few more videos:

  • Pre ordered for ps4 off amazon for 50$
  • I signed up for Battlefield Insider in hopes of getting into the beta. I don't pre-order games, so I won't be doing that :)
  • Yeah I pre-ordered to save the money. I have purchased bf 2,3 and 4, so I figured I'd get this one too.
  • Though I have played just about every Battlefield game every, I'm pretty much done with pre-orders unless I can extensively play a Beta, and see what it has to offer, but otherwise, I'm trying really hard to not, and if I can with this game, I should be with any game.
  • Greetings, Gentlemen....long time. If y'all are playing BF1 this year....need a pilot??
  • The triumphant return!
  • Two kids later.....I'm older, perhaps wiser....still me. Just get old, never grow up.
  • I'll be on the ps4, if the psvr doesn't pan out, a new gaming pc is also a possibility.
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