Area man hosts annual hobo party, neighbours say

In a tradition that neighbours are referring to as extreme charity, each Christmas Kitchener resident Mr. Clark plays host to a slew of filthy hobos.

Letter to the editor

A submission from one of USDN's better halves...

Akira at the movies: "Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies"

The final film in Peter Jacksons Hobbit trilogy, the Battle of Five Armies features lavish special effects...


Phrodown with the ho-down xxxmas special will air, despite complaints of "anal fissure scene featuring Santa and his horny elves"

Clark paints the town white, second half of joke lacks clever entendre for cum

Cyberjedi's handle discovered to only be half-truth

Phro/Chupon to release joint Christmas album, "I'm Dreaming of a Crackah Christmas"

Christmas comes early due to premature ejaculation

Xocet to unveil new penis, "totally bigger than the original, free Wifi"

Phro kidnapped and taken to North Pole:  Unfortunately USDN task force on vacation

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Volume 2

Issue 2